Kali Norton

Meet Kali

”By chasing our hopes and dreams, we inspire others to chase theirs--by being open and giving of our light, we lift the spirits of others, who then reflect light to another, and another.”

I believe that my best brides, seniors, wives, and mothers come to me because they see glimpses of transparency, combined with my professionalism and talent and know that our souls were meant to work together. We connect because they are inspired and, know of their worth and beauty deep within. Sometimes though, we need to be reminded of the radiance within us, hidden behind the hustle, bustle, and trials life brings. I've found that professional photographs of this crazy, beautiful life and the people that surround me have truly helped me find, inspiration, solace and beauty in what I HAVE instead of what else I want. They are priceless time capsules of organic beauty that I cannot wait to share with my children someday.

  • I believe in the cozy feeling of a warm soy chai latte.
  • I believe in the hope a random act of kindness brings.
  • I believe in the comfort of a clean, inviting home.
  • I believe in the unconditional love found in an animal or child.
  • I believe in the zing of the warm summer sun hitting the skin.
  • I believe in the radiance that lies in every woman.
  • I believe in the perfection when combining good food, wine, and friends.
  • I believe in the irrevocable beauty of a creative mind.
  • I believe in the confidence of a new outfit.
  • I believe in the brilliance of any smile.
  • I believe in making life more beautiful by, simply, loving pretty things.
  • I believe in the beauty found in any breakdown.
  • I believe in documentation through photographs to affirm life's charm and serve as a delicate reminder for when the more dismal moments decide to visit. It is art, beauty, that brings us through these moments and reminds us that, somewhere in the muddle, there is radiance.