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Located in the heart of Downtown Hammond, the studio space is designed to empower both professional and aspiring photographers, videographers, and content creators to take their businesses and sales to new heights.

We understand the challenges that come with running a creative business, and that's why we've created a space that caters to your specific needs. The Creative Studio offers a versatile and fully customizable layout, allowing you to transform the space to suit your unique vision and style. With ample natural light streaming through large windows and a comprehensive selection of professional lighting equipment, you'll have the perfect backdrop to capture stunning visuals and tell your story.

A Space Designed to Create…

We offer memberships packed with exclusive perks and discounts available only to monthly members--not to mention regular access to the space!

Like what you see and want to be a part of our creative community?

*2-hour Minimum
*up to 10 people allowed in the studio

Hourly Studio Rental

Additional Fees

Full Day (Up to 12 Hours) - $750
*4-hour minimum required for Event Rentals
(ie. showers, parties, receptions, etc)

Cleaning Fee (11+ people) - $125
Night Rentals (after 8pm) - $250
Lighting Kit - $30
Seamless Backdrop - $20
Rolling Wall Paint Color Request - $150
(requests must be made a minimum of 4 weeks prior to booking)

*applied to entire rental price

***Note: Studio Rental Time includes your time for set-up and teardown. Studio must return to the way you found it by the time your rental time is complete.

The studio includes the following…
  • Permanent charcoal gray grid wall
  • Double-sided Rolling Wall (w/ seasonally alternating colors)
  • Clothing Rack
  • Assortment of couch, chair & furniture options
  • Large Prop Collection (including, but not limited to florals, vases, antique finds, flat lay styling pieces)
  • Variety of Seamless Backdrop Color Options


Rental Memberships Include…
  • Priority Booking
  • Time may be split into 1hr increments
  • Sundays reserved for Members
  • No Additional Charge for Backdrops, Lighting, or Night Bookings
  • Unlimited use of onsite equipment & props
  • 20% Discount on Courses + TCS Offerings for active Members
  • Artist Features on TCS Social Accounts
  • Potential for New Client Referrals

Are you a creator, but don't want the overhead of running your own space?

4hrs/month - $240

TCS Rental Membership Pricing


***6 month minimum required for memberships


10hrs/month - $500


20hrs/month - $1,000


Inquire about studio rental pricing + availability

We've worked hard to create a beautiful, inspiring space -and now we'd like to share it with you! Ask us about using the space for your next project or event.

Ready to create something special in your own personal studio?

***Note: Studio Rental Time includes your time for set-up and teardown. Studio must return to the way you found it by the time your rental time is complete.

  • NO smoking or vaping
  • NO candles/fire/flames
  • NO glitter, unless given special permission
  • NO trimming, cutting, or otherwise harming the plants
  • NO pets, unless given special permission
  • NO adult film production or sex acts on the premises (boudoir shoots are fine!)
  • NO illegal drugs or substances on the premises
  • NO attaching things to the wall, using anything that will leave a mark or hole – use only command strips or painter tape
  • NO dragging furniture – please take care moving heavy objects to avoid scratching the floors
  • Return items you’ve moved/rearranged back to their original position, or a similarly styled placement before you leave
  • Sessions begin and end at the time you’ve booked – all set up and clean up must take place within that time, as well
  • Failure to leave when your booked time is up, will result in an automatic charge for the next hour (if no one is booked directly after you, you can always book more time mid-session!)
  • Damage to any studio props/furniture/equipment/space will be the responsibility of the booking party member – the cost of repair or replacement will be itemized and billed accordingly.
  • Security cameras are in the studio for our protection and yours.

As a shared space, we expect everyone who rents to be respectful to the studio & to our other renters:

Inquire about rental availability!