Chateau Country Club Wedding: Amy & Barret

October 30, 2013

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Amy and Barret’s Country Club Wedding was the perfect mix of glam, hints of preppy fab, and the creams I scream from the rooftops about. And as I mentioned in this post, the lighting and locations throughout Amy’s entire day made it a photographer’s heaven and created the perfect setup for nothing less than perfection in her wedding portfolio. Amy was timid, but I could tell time and time again throughout her day, that she is truly loved by the people who surround her. Her friendships genuine, her new marriage, already deep-rooted in love and family–Amy’s heart shines golden. Scroll to see her soft details that made everything perfection.

After a long day of shooting, even Preston looked at me and noted how much Amy’s preparedness and trust in me as her photographer truly made the day one of the smoothest ever for us. I loved Amy and Barret immediately, but after hearing her desires for big hair, an intimate first look with Barret, and the most classy forms of bling, she had me.

A special thanks to the fabulous vendors…

The entire staff at Chateau Country Club

Gorgeous blooms from Claire at Blumen Lendle

Brock and Natalie at BGP Productions

Hair and Makeup from the girls at Candies & Company

Some dope beats from Quinn with White Oak Productions

Cake from Haydel’s Bakery


Amy’s nerves were playing games with her in the beginning of the day, but she took care of that like a girl after my own heart…

It’s a tie between birdcage and cathedral veils for me, but for Amy, oh my goodness she rocked this with her adorable bob like nobody’s business.

Recognize this little angel? It’s my sweet Ellis that I’ve been photographing since she was a wee little newborn. Ellis’s momma, Jennie, is a long-time friend and old roommate of Amy’s, and they were both in the bridal party. This alone, makes my heart so, so very happy.

It’s always a toss-up if the little ones will be petrified or excited to walk down the aisle. Well, little mister Braden did it once, then said ever-so-adorably, “C’mon Ellis, let’s go do it again!” The most perfect prelude to Amy’s stunning entrance…

I adore this photograph so much. This is Berklie, being held by her great-grandmother. Capturing moments like this fills my heart to the brim.

Amy and Barret, thank you so much for allowing me to witness and document your day. I’m ever grateful and wish you nothing but countless years of happiness.


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