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January 23, 2014

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Mylanta, where do I even start? Allie was one of my best friends in high school. In fact, we were pretty much inseparable for a while. We drove to school together every day, lived only a few streets apart, and were pretty much together all hours that we weren’t obsessing over school activities and insanely high GPAs. The insanely high GPAs makes me chuckle a little now. While that was undoubtedly so very important and I FULLY support striving for the highest academic achievements, our unwavering need for nothing less than a 107 percent was a little insane. I think, perhaps, I could have stressed a little less and enjoyed my youth a little more. Nonetheless, I can’t say I’ve changed much–presumably, it’s come in handy running a business.

Anyhow, as I went to college, Allie was a couple of years younger than me and, naturally, we drifted a bit. It was fine, though as we both have personalities that seem to fully embrace the change and seasons of friendships, which I love. I’ve always found that the best friends are the ones who understand these seasons, and nonetheless, can pick up right where we left off.

I hadn’t seen Allie in quite some time before her engagement session, but you would have sworn we’d kept in touch weekly by the banter that ensued during. And, of course, I should have known that Allie would end up with a gentleman who fits right in, interjecting his own entertaining comments as if he’s known a person for years. This is exactly how my Allie is. She’s got a heart of gold, an adventurous spirit, and a drive for the utmost success. She’s full of talent and her wit never misses a beat. After spending time with Dalton, I learned of his perfection for her, on all counts.

IMG_8730IMG_8736IMG_8744Choiniere-2IMG_8746Choiniere-1IMG_8794 IMG_8787

Being around Allie had me laughing harder than I’ve laughed in a long time. I forgot how absolutely entertaining she is. This girl could light up a room with her wit and ability to make people laugh.Choiniere-5 IMG_8879Choiniere-4

This is pretty much how most of the session went, belly-aching, face-palming laughter. And then, OH THEN, there was Copper. Copper is the adorable little guy below, Allie and Dalton’s 5-month-old “baby.” He’s SO smart too. He performed all of his little pup tricks for me and sat ever-so-perfectly for photos.IMG_8851Choiniere-3

This next one was my favorite photograph from the session. Cozy, warm, AND cable knit cream…right up my alley…IMG_8939 IMG_8911 IMG_8926 Choiniere-6

We ended their session on the water at sunset just opening some beers and hanging out by the water–how I recommend ALL engagement sessions should be. We just relaxed, talked, and got some photos in that truly represent Dalton and Allie. Plus, they brought Shiner’s Holiday Brew, Holiday Cheer, which I came across this year at Christmas time and is an absolute favorite of mine now. (:Choiniere-7 IMG_9066IMG_8995

Allie and Dalton, I’m so elated for your future together, on so many levels. I could not have picked a better match and I truly adore every aspect of you two and the start of what will be a life of beautiful adventure and, undoubtedly, never-ending laughter together. Moreover, I’m ever so grateful to have the honor of documenting these first moments of your life together. I love you both.










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