LIFE UPDATE: BIG News, Changes, and Dream-Chasing

August 21, 2018

Hello, I'm Kali
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Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve done an introduction around here, so if you’re new, welcome! My name is Kali. I started a photography biz back in 2011, which has now evolved into a menagerie of creative things, but mostly, a focus on organic wedding + motherhood photojournalism. I’m also half owner of Local Honey, which is a modern baby + toddler boutique of carefully curated brands in a cute little college town just outside of New Orleans.

Children's Clothing + Accessories

In my free time, which is a laughable idea, you can find me traveling, eating + drinking delicious things with good company, or dreaming up a crazy new idea.  At home, you can find me hanging with my two Goldendoodles, Chewie and Scout, and their feline counterpart, Cersei, amidst cuddles and snacks.

The long story of how Local Honey came about will likely require a video, wine, and a lot of unnecessary details, but the jist is that…I love business, innovation, and creativity. I also love seeing a badass mama rock out something she’s phenomenal at, while empowering her, enriching her, and allowing her to enjoy this one ever-so-fleeting experience she has at watching her babies grow.

Children's Clothing + Accessories

As a Motherhood Photographer, the niche of clients I most often find myself in the company of is new mamas and growing families. I’ve always tried to offer a concierge service to make the time in life that they hire me to document as authentic as possible. This led me to, in many cases, pick out specific clothing items from stores that my clients like and style their entire experience. Never as an added charge, but always something to make the experience a little easier and more pleasureable for new mamas with an already full plate.

Children's Clothing + Accessories

Children's Clothing + Accessories

Children's Clothing + Accessories

Children's Clothing + Accessories

Children's Clothing + Accessories

For many of my photography clients, I’ve assisted in some level of styling their clothing for their sessions over the past decade. With there being a limited selection of quality, intentionally crafted, and affordable children’s clothing in the area, this left me referring my clients to online retailers instead of local businesses.

After seeing many of my friends and clients walk through the vast range of emotions, changes, challenges during the overwhelmingly rewarding experience of new motherhood, I always found myself wanting to soak in the stories and wisdom they were learning through their new life roles.

Over the years, I’ve worked with my wildly talented friend Shiloh on several styling projects in the realm of photography, fashion, and retail. This year, we decided to combine forces on a new creative endeavor, Local Honey!

Children's Apparel

Children's Clothing + Accessories

Children's Clothing + Accessories

Shiloh is something like the Rainman of shopping. Truly, I’m not kidding you. Need an outfit for an event at a certain look and price point?  I learned that a quick text to Shiloh would generally provide me with a list of 3-5 retailers carrying items similar to that of which I was searching. From her vast experience in buying, selling, and organizing within the world of retail, combined with her unique eye for putting together fashionable threads, I knew that we had an idea and service worth bringing to Hammond, America.

Children's Clothing + Accessories

Children's Clothing + Accessories

Children's Clothing + Accessories

Children's Clothing + Accessories

For a while, we cautiously and creatively tossed around the idea of a retail store that embodied a community of parents and children all striving to enjoy this pretty little life with intention. After several pep talks, countless hours of research into building our vision, sanity checks, and tears, we opened Local Honey in Downtown Hammond at the beginning of August 2018.

We are located in Downtown Hammond, Louisiana at 112 S. Cypress Street. For those of you who know the area, we are located on the same street as Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center, The Red, White, and Brew, and Main Street Dance!


For those of you not-so-local who’d like to make a fun little day out of visiting Hammond, here’s a list of fabulous things to do within 4 blocks of our store:

For Families + Children:

Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center

Hot August Night (Family Community Evening Event)

Starry November Night (Family Community Evening Event)

Gnarly Barley Brewing (not in walking distance, but nearby with kid + dog friendly events on Saturdays)

Hammond Farmer’s Market (every Saturday from 8am – noon)


Delicious Eats:

Our Mom’s

Blackened Brew

Tacos and Beer

Tope La


Cate Street Seafood Station

Berry Patch Cafe

La Caretta




Coffee + Dessert:


Courtyard Cafe

Cupcake Concept

Sweet Rolls (rolled ice cream)



Imagine (women’s clothing + accessories)

Ruby (women’s clothing + accessories)

Edge (women’s clothing + accessories)

Bayou Booksellers (gift items, home decor, books)

Susan’s General Store

Want to connect with Local Honey on social media?

Follow us!

Facebook: Local Honey Baby

Instagram: @localhoneybaby


Tag us in your post wearing Local Honey with the hashtag #mylocalhoney for a chance to be featured and a gift card to the store.

We cannot wait to see you!



I am absolutely still spending many of my days photographing motherhood, family, and weddings. I will still be loving on my clients and documenting beautiful life moments as I have been, only with a more improved experience for all!

I appreciate your patience during this transition in hiring a team for these big dreams. Stay tuned for the soon return of regular editing times and a badass team now added to make the documentation of your biggest life moments even more special!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


xo –


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