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May 29, 2014

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I know I said that I was hermiting playing catch-up this week and might not be gracing you with my normal two posts, but I just couldn’t leave you high and dry! Plus, I’m so so very excited to announce a new component of the “FOR BRIDES” section of the blog that will now include periodical recommendations from yours truly to beautiful, stylish, and quality vendors in the wedding and event planning industry. I’m going to break this down knitty gritty style, because I know that some of you might even be asking, “Wait, what’s a vendor?” And if that’s you (no judgin’ here), I’ll explain that too.

Let’s start with the basics. When planning a wedding or soiree of any kind for guests, unless you are the bees knees (which you maybe are), you’ll probably need to hire a few professionals who specialize in pretty things to make your headaches a little less and your vision come to life. For these various needs, brides and hosts often hire vendors. Vendors for a wedding, for example, are those people you’ve hired to help make the day come to life–this includes reception venues, florists, wedding coordinators, photographers (heyy!), paper goods design, etc. Get the picture?

When it comes to hiring vendors, especially for brides, the task can be quite overwhelming. There are so many fabulous creative professionals out there, but if you don’t work in the industry, it can often feel like going to Home Depot for supplies to build a shelving unit when you have not a clue about carpentry. I should be so kind to recommend that you can ALWAYS ask your already decided on professionals for advice in this area. Not only am I just tickled pink when a bride asks for and trusts my advice about vendors, but also, I often know her style from our meetings and am able to point her in the direction of quality vendors in the industry that fit both her and my styles. You see where I’m going here?

Now, with that being said and without further ado, I’m so very happy to introduce my first recommended vendor. I had a little girls night with her recently and just instantly fell in love with her class, drive, and vision to give her clients only the most beautiful things. Why? Because beautiful things make us girls feel pretty, and we ALL deserve a little pretty in life. This girl is a mover and a shaker with a heart on fire for  all elements breathtakingly simple and elegant. Originally a California girl, she now resides in the South with her husband and sweet pup, I introduce to you Mrs. Victoria Austin of Victoria Austin Designs. Below are some of my favorites of her paper goods design work, but PLEASE hop right on over to her website and check out more of her breathtaking art. If you’re looking for some classy invitations, menus, calligraphy addressed envelopes, or anything that resonates the sound of clean and classy, I highly recommend inquiring with her.

WinterShoot_58ThanksgivingShoot_42 WinterShoot_48 WinterShoot_90

I should note that Victoria actually does more than just fabulous design of paper goods. In fact, she and a colleague collaborated to design this whole shoot as a part of another business that’s currently in the works for them–one I am also SO very excited to introduce to you in the future.

I should also note that these photographs were not taken by me, but by another fabulous photographer, Jennifer Pharr as well as a couple shown by Callie Pitts of Nancy Ray Photography. ThanksgivingShoot_8ThanksgivingShoot_31Drye_Drye_NancyRayPhotography_nrpcalliespvrstyledshoot1127_0_lowMcKinley_Wed8

Victoria,  her right hand gal Mary Kendall, and I have a few things up our sleeve in store for the future. So sit tight and you will undoubtedly see more of her work gracing this blog–hopefully even by some of my brides too! Happy, happy Thursday my pretties.







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