Imaginary Conversations and Remembering Your Groove Thang

June 26, 2014

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Rest. Relaxation. Reflection.

If I’m being honest, I’ve been laying low for quite some time now, trying to rest, recharge, and find my fancy groove thang once again. Trying to remember the ins and outs of what makes me come alive and why fostering that is so important. Because you see, life changes and life challenges, and with that, so do you. When that happens, it sometimes can be hard to remember how you shook that groove thang or why that particular music made your groove thang shake. Yes, I just used “groove thang” multiple times in a sentence…


In this process, I’ve found so many words. I’ve mentioned before that it is a teensy fetus of a dream of mine to maybe someday have the courage to write a book. In fact, I’ve recently wished that there was a scribe who follows me around to put my thoughts on paper whenever and wherever they strike. Because let me tell you, I pretty much still do the same thing I did when I was ten. You know, that thing where you have complete imaginary conversations with yourself or with someone else…or my personal favorite, with an invisible audience. Yep. My name is Kali and I’d like to admit that I have full-blown conversations with myself on the reg. Because if you’re a writer, you know, once you start putting them from your brain to paper yourself, so many of them just dissipate into thin air. I won’t be making feeble attempts to make my imaginary conversations into a book today, or likely anytime soon; however, I do hope to start sharing with you of this journey of self-realization. My personal journey–falls and faults, realizations and successes–that have molded me as a wife, a business owner, a creative dreamer, a friend, and a lover.


In a world that teaches us that “GO, GO, GO” reads success, it’s often so easy to lose sight that in all of the whirlwind of marking items off of daily to-do lists and chasing the direction of pretty painted dreams and mapping out intricate plans for futures (HA!), that we forget to just simply be. To be in the moment, to be who we are, to foster what’s on the inside. Because I’m not sure if you’ve thought about it, but if we don’t , then well, there’s not much point in any of that going or doing or planning.


Let me tell you that I’m so neurotic with the idea of “productivity” sometimes, that if Preston is at work and I’m finished working for the day, I’ll scurry around my house and find something to busy myself and feel productive just until he gets home. Because for some crazy reason in my brain, unless I’m doing a “productive nothing” of sorts with another person, then I should be doing something. This is just one example of the false notion of busy that we sometimes put on ourselves in this crazy little life.

So, for those of us who plan for happiness, for those who buy for happiness, for those who love for happiness–which at some point in life, is all of us–I’ve got something for you.

” It’s more than that. Something else needs to shift. Yes, something needs to shift inside of you because the world will never feed you happiness. And another person won’t give you that happiness. And enough purchases or swipes of a card won’t deliver that happiness to your door. You need to learn to walk inside of the footprints you’ve already made for yourself. You need to get back to basics. You need to be worthy enough of that rest and recharge. And perhaps, perhaps, happiness will be waiting for you there.” 


PS. – That quote above is from the ever-fabulous founder of More Love Letters, Hannah Brencher. The words I write hold no weight to this girl’s writing abilities. Her words are like butter, BUTTER I tell ya.

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