Imagine Boutique | Summer 2015 Collection Preview

May 12, 2015

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Summer weather has just about started to make its lengthy appearance here and so has Imagine Boutique‘s sultry little Summer line. Flowy to fringe, beach to boho, the girls at Imagine have so many new styles that I’m just a little smitten kitten over.
On top of fabulous new arrivals, the Imagine girls have been working tirelessly on a fabulous new store revamp and TONS of new accessories and gift ideas for the favorite little gal pal in your life. If you’re local, definitely stop by and give them some love–or yourself some. (;

2015-05-12_0004 2015-05-12_0008 2015-05-12_00092015-05-12_00052015-05-12_00062015-05-12_0007

The blue St. Tropez Maxi might be my favorite of the entire Summer collection we photographed. That back though…2015-05-12_00022015-05-12_0003 2015-05-12_0011 2015-05-12_00122015-05-12_0010 2015-05-12_0013 2015-05-12_0014 2015-05-12_0015 2015-05-12_0016 2015-05-12_0017 2015-05-12_0018 2015-05-12_0019 2015-05-12_0020

And part of the brains behind this whole operation that I couldn’t help but photograph,  is the store’s fabulous Manager and Stylist, Shiloh. This girl has a serious eye for all things fashionably aesthetic.
2015-05-12_00012015-05-12_0023 2015-05-12_00212015-05-12_00242015-05-12_0022

I feel like a day on the golf course, or a yacht, or just a shopping day on the town with girlfriends is perfectly fitting for the flowy white pants and top Elizabeth is sporting (below).2015-05-12_0025 2015-05-12_0026 2015-05-12_0027 2015-05-12_0028 2015-05-12_0029 2015-05-12_0030 2015-05-12_0031 2015-05-12_0032 2015-05-12_0033 2015-05-12_0034

Renee is killing it in the Santeria Dress and I’m pretty sure the gorgeous fitted lace below was made for Elizabeth.2015-05-12_0035 2015-05-12_0036 2015-05-12_0038 2015-05-12_0039

What I love most about working with the girls at Imagine is, not only are their clothes stunning, but these girls I have the pleasure of photographing and collaborating with are truly just radiant souls, inside and out.2015-05-12_0040 2015-05-12_0041 2015-05-12_0042 2015-05-12_0043 2015-05-12_0044

The good news is, if you’re not local, you can always shop their hottest collection items online also! Visit them here to see what they have to offer for not-so-local friends!2015-05-12_0045 2015-05-12_0046 2015-05-12_0047 2015-05-12_0048








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