A Romantic Affair at Race + Religious | Kayla + Charlie: New Orleans Wedding Photographer

March 15, 2016

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When photographing weddings, one thing that always makes me just the teensiest bit sad is how little time the bride and groom actually get to spend together on a day carved out to celebrate them. For Kayla and Charlie’s day, this was not the case at all. It filled my heart with so much joy to see just how much the two of them were truly grounded in one another throughout the day–from every detail, gift, and moment they were together, it was almost as if no one else was around.
They spent their entire day and night among the phenomenally picturesque nooks along the grounds of Race + Religious in New Orleans, surrounded by their closest friends and family. From the littlest of quiet moments to the unique gifts Charlie and Kayla had for one another, I truly believe the day was perfectly laid out for the two of them.

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If you’re familiar with Race + Religious, you know that each room is packed with copious amounts of unique detail and character. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind venue.Jennifer Landry Jennifer LandryJennifer LandryJennifer Landry Jennifer LandryJennifer LandryJennifer Landry Jennifer Landry Jennifer Landry Jennifer Landry

Charlie and Kayla both exchanged the most heartfelt notes and thought-out gifts. Their attention to detail was truly remarkable to watch as it unfolded throughout the day. Kayla gifted Charlie with an overnight bag packed with all of his most favorite things. Charlie gifted Kayla and her daughters with the sweetest pieces from Tiffany’s. My favorite gift though, was the vintage tandem bike Charlie surprised Kayla with during the first look. Their first date involved an adventure on a tandem bike, so we can all go ahead and swoon now…Jennifer Landry Jennifer LandryJennifer Landry

Another fabulous element of Kayla and Charlie’s day was the amount of down time they had to truly soak everything in. This is certainly a bonus of having all parts of the day in one location.Jennifer Landry Jennifer LandryJennifer Landry Jennifer LandryJennifer Landry

The last gift of the day was an umbrella that Kayla gave Charlie during the first look. When opened, it has a map of the constellations printed on the inside. I’ll just put that on my wish list, now…Jennifer LandryJennifer LandryJennifer Landry Jennifer Landry Jennifer Landry

As time neared the ceremony and guests began to arrive, Kayla and Charlie were tucked away. This allowed me some time to capture even more of the particular details around the venue. From a cigar and craft beer lounge for the guys, to a taffy bar for the kids, Kayla and Charlie didn’t leave a detail untouched.Jennifer Landry Jennifer Landry Jennifer LandryJennifer Landry Jennifer Landry Jennifer Landry Jennifer Landry Jennifer Landry

Kayla and Charlie, it was truly a pleasure to witness and document the genuine qualities of the love you share. I wish you a lifetime filled with the most love and happiness.Jennifer Landry Jennifer Landry Jennifer Landry

Venue: Race + Religious | Bride’s Gown: Maeme Bridal Boutique| Florals: Antigua Floral | Hair & Makeup: Alex with Salon Bellezza | Videography: Brock Gomez | Cake: Sweet Life Bakery | Catering: Fresh Green Tomato




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