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August 17, 2017

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For anyone who keeps up with my posts regularly, you know the strong pull my heart has always had towards capturing the essence and experience of women. I cannot fully explain it, only that I know in the depths of my soul when I photograph a woman who opens up to me or lets me peer a little into her vulnerability, that there is no other place in the Universe I’m supposed to be more in that moment. Whether it’s a high school senior, a bride, a boss girl, or an expecting mama, the women and stories that have found themselves in front of my lens over the course of my career have left me impacted in the most unusual and profound ways.
For much of my career, I’d never had any stronger pull to any particular type of womanly experience–and while I still very much love photographing ALL types of milestones, I’ve noticed an ever-growing tug in my gut over the past year or so. During this time, I’ve noticed a particular and welcomed shift to clients desiring me to document their journey through motherhood. (This is in addition to weddings, of course, which I still very much photograph). Perhaps, and likely, this has to do with my age and place in my own life (no, I’m not quite ready to be a mama just yet), but, this particularly strong pull towards motherhood portraiture and the intensity of emotion captured through the experience is something I know I’m meant to delve into deeper.

After years of inquiries, pleas, and suggestions that I fearfully turned down, I have now decided it’s time for me and this camera of mine to extend my services to include birth photography and/or hospital photography. IMG_0976


Motherhood photography encompasses a wide scope of experiences. Currently, I document many mama moments from maternity, newborn, to growth and regular family lifestyle portraiture sessions and have many clients who purchase my Motherhood Collective which allows comprehensive documentation of these. With this, I’ll now be offering the option to add birth photography or the option to hire me exclusively for your birth experience or time in the hospital with new baby.

Many families are interested in documenting their birth experience; however, some instead prefer to have the experience documented during the first few moments of life after the birth. Whether you’d like me to document the pushes, tears, and intense emotion of your birth or the tender moments together within the first 48 hours following, I am available for either form of documentation.

As this is a brand new venture for me, I’m offering introductory pricing to the first 5 bookings for Birth Photography or “Fresh 48” After-Birth Photography. If you are interested in having me document this part of life for you, please contact me at for more detailed information + pricing.


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