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Sweet Southern Magnolias & Classic Wedding Inspiration | New Orleans Wedding Photographer

Recently, the ladies from Something Borrowed Blooms and I teamed up for another refreshing styled shoot to ring in a few of their new pieces and the start of Spring. This time, to debut several of their FAAAAAABULOUS new floral collections. From picturesque aesthetics to the wonderful team we had working to pull the vision together, we had a blast from start to finish.

If you’re not familiar with Something Borrowed Blooms, they’re a floral rental company specializing in the rental of S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G premium silk flowers for weddings and events.  They are based right here in LA, but ship to anywhere in the United States! (Think “Rent the Runway” does for dress rentals, but with flowers.) While I do absolutely ALWAYS love a fresh bouquet, if you’re a bride with champagne taste, but looking for where you can save a bit, they are absolutely worth looking into. Owners and designers Laken and Lauren have an eye for creating unique and fresh pieces that flow with both ever-changing style and timeless elegance.

Something Borrowed Blooms Something Borrowed Blooms Something Borrowed Blooms

Something Borrowed Blooms Something Borrowed BloomsSomething Borrowed Blooms Something Borrowed BloomsI truly loved the simplicity of Cameron’s dress from MaeMe, the completely TIMELESS look of her hair and makeup, and the sweet Southern classic feel of the magnolias in the newly debuted Shelbie Collection by Something Borrowed Blooms. Something Borrowed Blooms Something Borrowed Blooms Something Borrowed BloomsSomething Borrowed BloomsSomething Borrowed BloomsStay tuned, the ladies at SBB have BIG things planned. I cannot wait to see what their talent and eye for elegant florals brings next! Something Borrowed Blooms Something Borrowed BloomsBride’s Gown: Maeme Bridal Boutique | Florals: Something Borrowed Blooms | Hair: Jennifer Landry | Makeup: Sarah Jarreau | Photography: Kali Norton | Bridesmaid Dress: Maeme Bridal Boutique | Flower Girl Dress: Maeme Bridal Boutique



Soft Florals & Natural Hues Wedding Inspiration | Gulf Coast Wedding Photographer

Recently, I had the opportunity to put together a group of F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S vendors to construct a shoot that showcased a classic, clean, and timeless vision for the modern bride. Over the years, I’ve learned that I tend to gravitate to a “less is more” style, as it exudes such class and timeless appeal. For this shoot, I knew I wanted to incorporate very soft fabrics and florals, with natural and simplistic elements for the table settings. I could not be more overjoyed with how my vision came to light with this fabulous team.

The shoot took place at Pinzone’s Italian Village in the most breathtaking nook of charming downtown Fairhope. If you’re ever in the Fairhope area, Pinzone’s is a great aesthetic for a quiet dinner date out. If you’re getting married in the Fairhope area, it’s an even better place for a rehearsal dinner.

SBB Styled ShootSBB Styled ShootSBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled Shoot

Many thanks to Laken and Lauren of Something Borrowed Blooms for their fabulous Olivia Collection of florals. If you haven’t heard of them, I absolutely urge you to check the concept behind their floral business out. They have started a floral rental company (yes, you read that right) in which they rent out S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G premium silk floral collections for weddings. If you’re a bride with champagne taste, but looking for where you can save a bit, they are absolutely worth checking into.SBB Styled ShootSBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled ShootThe paper goods for the shoot were designed by the immensely talented Kristian & Kortney Cleveland. Kristian & Kortney are a mother-daughter team at Impression Paperie who specialize in premium custom paper goods. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several weddings which incorporated their work, and let me tell you, these ladies go above and beyond to cater to the vision of their brides.
SBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled Shoot

Makeup for the shoot was done by Caroline Carpenter. Caroline is passionate about makeup and incredibly talented with a brush in hand. I cannot wait to see where the industry takes this girl.SBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled Shoot

SBB Styled ShootSBB Styled ShootSBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled Shoot

Bella Bridesmaid of Mobile provided the breathtaking dresses. If you friend me on social media, pretend you don’t notice when you see me sporting the gown Elizabeth is wearing for the next formal affair I attend. I’m pretty sure I’ve been dreaming of the chocolate-charcoal off-the-shoulder dress since this shoot.SBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled ShootSBB Styled ShootSBB Styled ShootSBB Styled Shoot



Seaside Romance: Editorial | The Cottages on Charleston Harbor

During my recent travels, I had the utmost pleasure of photographing this seaside editorial on Charleston’s charming harbor. Soft hues, mixed textures, and the most romantic florals–I couldn’t have been more enamored with the detail. And I’d just love to talk about this TO-DIE Carol Hannah gown, but I’m pretty sure it speaks volumes all on its own.
2014-12-18_00032014-12-18_0008 2014-12-18_0020 2014-12-18_0007 2014-12-18_00062014-12-18_0012

I may have gotten carried away photographing the natural details along the beach while shooting, but gah, I just couldn’t resist. All of the natural elements that pieced so perfectly with the planned elements of this shoot just had my little heart jumping for joy.2014-12-18_0015 2014-12-18_0001 2014-12-18_00142014-12-18_0010 2014-12-18_0005

2014-12-18_0011 2014-12-18_0016 2014-12-18_0018Location: The Cottages on Charleston Harbor | Bride’s Gown: Carol Hannah | Groom’s Attire: Louis Purple | Florals: Gathering Events | Hair & Makeup: Wedding Hair by Charlotte


Jasmine Star Workshop: Chicago

Can I just shout to the rooftops how appreciative I am to be able to do what I love and make a living doing it? Admittedly, there are many days when I’m incredibly overwhelmed with the sheer idea of being my own boss–the idea that my success (or failure) lies soley in my hustle. Because let’s be honest, as with many things in life, it’s so easy to both catch and lose that hustle. It’s even easier to get down on yourself. (By the way, if you are currently down on yourself, I encourage you to read one of my past posts on that topic, here.)

Nonetheless, with that rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs and wondering if my hustle will ever be fast enough, driven enough, creative enough, I’m ever grateful to have worked for several opportunities for travel this summer. My travels aren’t over, but thus far, taking some time to adventure to new places and learn from others has truly been a breath of fresh air. (If you need some inspiration on the importance of taking breaks, I have a post for that too, here.)

2014-07-17_0001 2014-07-17_00022014-07-17_0019

A couple of weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a wedding photography workshop in Chicago put on by one of the key people in the creative professional industry who truly inspired my own personal decision to change my course of studies from English several years ago, and graduate with a B.A. in Liberal Arts to pursue a career in fine art wedding and portrait photography. Jasmine Star is a wedding photographer based in California who has mastered her art and her business through her sheer hustle and online voice. In college, I spent countless hours in between classes, at night, and during study breaks reading every inch of her blog, daydreaming about my own business and how I hoped to someday have the hustle that she possesed. I watched every online video and course she posted, I bought the magazine she published–I wanted that drive. Well, my friends, so much sweat tears and tears go into that hustle, I can assure you and I’m so far from where my dreams lie, but a tiny bit of me felt so at peace having met a woman who had such an impact on my career decisions. And how? All through her voice, love for writing, and dedicated blogging. Her true passion for wanting to help those willing to hustle, succeed.

 2014-07-17_00042014-07-17_00072014-07-17_00082014-07-17_0005 2014-07-17_0013

Not only did I have some extra time in Chicago to experience a little adventure, but I walked away from the workshop reinvigorated in how to approach my art and be of even better service to my dazzling clients. Our workshop took place at Robyn Rachel‘s drool-worthy warehouse/loft-esque studio in Downtown Chicago, where we spent the day learning, networking, and having the most casual business chats over delicious food. During the workshop, we had the opportunity to watch Jasmine shoot, and even got a little time to take away some of the knowledge she yielded us through our own lens.



Our shooting portion of the workshop took place at a super swanky Chicago venue, Salvage One. Also, drool-worthy. If anyone wants to have a wedding full of retro mismatched chairs and a mid-century feel, let me tell you how game I am…

The rest of the Chicago creative team that made our day ever-fabulous were:

Hair: Nicci Loiacono
Makeup: Megan Hauser
Accessories: Left Bank Jewelry
Dress: Valentino from Belle Vie Bridal
Tuxedo: Formally Modern Tuxedo
Flowers: A Stem Above


During the shoot, I also snapped a few of Jasmine instructing and JD being super awesome at everything else. Literally. I’m pretty sure he’s the other half of her brain–which I can only imagine, as Preston already fills in the gaps where my brain turns to mush on wedding days. Husband-wife teams for the win!

 Jasmine, thank you for the countless moments of inspiration throughout my career, and for your confident, steadfast drive that lifts up this industry. Oh, and the “Gheushh.”  (; I mean, how do we even spell that?














VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Victoria Austin Designs

I know I said that I was hermiting playing catch-up this week and might not be gracing you with my normal two posts, but I just couldn’t leave you high and dry! Plus, I’m so so very excited to announce a new component of the “FOR BRIDES” section of the blog that will now include periodical recommendations from yours truly to beautiful, stylish, and quality vendors in the wedding and event planning industry. I’m going to break this down knitty gritty style, because I know that some of you might even be asking, “Wait, what’s a vendor?” And if that’s you (no judgin’ here), I’ll explain that too.

Let’s start with the basics. When planning a wedding or soiree of any kind for guests, unless you are the bees knees (which you maybe are), you’ll probably need to hire a few professionals who specialize in pretty things to make your headaches a little less and your vision come to life. For these various needs, brides and hosts often hire vendors. Vendors for a wedding, for example, are those people you’ve hired to help make the day come to life–this includes reception venues, florists, wedding coordinators, photographers (heyy!), paper goods design, etc. Get the picture?

When it comes to hiring vendors, especially for brides, the task can be quite overwhelming. There are so many fabulous creative professionals out there, but if you don’t work in the industry, it can often feel like going to Home Depot for supplies to build a shelving unit when you have not a clue about carpentry. I should be so kind to recommend that you can ALWAYS ask your already decided on professionals for advice in this area. Not only am I just tickled pink when a bride asks for and trusts my advice about vendors, but also, I often know her style from our meetings and am able to point her in the direction of quality vendors in the industry that fit both her and my styles. You see where I’m going here?

Now, with that being said and without further ado, I’m so very happy to introduce my first recommended vendor. I had a little girls night with her recently and just instantly fell in love with her class, drive, and vision to give her clients only the most beautiful things. Why? Because beautiful things make us girls feel pretty, and we ALL deserve a little pretty in life. This girl is a mover and a shaker with a heart on fire for  all elements breathtakingly simple and elegant. Originally a California girl, she now resides in the South with her husband and sweet pup, I introduce to you Mrs. Victoria Austin of Victoria Austin Designs. Below are some of my favorites of her paper goods design work, but PLEASE hop right on over to her website and check out more of her breathtaking art. If you’re looking for some classy invitations, menus, calligraphy addressed envelopes, or anything that resonates the sound of clean and classy, I highly recommend inquiring with her.

WinterShoot_58ThanksgivingShoot_42 WinterShoot_48 WinterShoot_90

I should note that Victoria actually does more than just fabulous design of paper goods. In fact, she and a colleague collaborated to design this whole shoot as a part of another business that’s currently in the works for them–one I am also SO very excited to introduce to you in the future.

I should also note that these photographs were not taken by me, but by another fabulous photographer, Jennifer Pharr as well as a couple shown by Callie Pitts of Nancy Ray Photography. ThanksgivingShoot_8ThanksgivingShoot_31Drye_Drye_NancyRayPhotography_nrpcalliespvrstyledshoot1127_0_lowMcKinley_Wed8

Victoria,  her right hand gal Mary Kendall, and I have a few things up our sleeve in store for the future. So sit tight and you will undoubtedly see more of her work gracing this blog–hopefully even by some of my brides too! Happy, happy Thursday my pretties.