January 2012 Archive

Katy {Senior 2012}

Katy, OH Katy. If only you knew how your quirky, yet shy aura lit a spark in me. This session truly embodies the “lifestyle” photography I strive for my clients to understand as my style when they book with me. Yes, there is a time and place for certain posing–and don’t get me wrong, I do some posing. But to catch a person mid-emotion. It’s something that I cannot even explain how it makes my heart jump with a little flutter. To know that I caught a person’s personality–who they are. This is why I do what I do.

Katy, I sincerely hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Natalie {Senior 2012}

So, as you can see I’m truck truck truckin’ along catching up on all of my senior posts I’ve not had time to post the past month or so. Let me just say that I LUUUUURV photographing seniors – always so fun and creative!! Natalie was no different. She stole my heart at her perfecto application of makeup. See?!

Then we decided to get a little sassy with it. (;Then, we decided to get a little sassy with it. (;That was, of course, right before the southern belle look, that well, you guys know I’m drawn to. Southern Belle and eyes…let’s just call those my sweet spots…Stay tuned for Katy’s senior post this afternoon. Two in one day?! I know, I know. I feel like a parent who has neglected her child. Can’t be having that nonsense. Happy Wednesday!

Alexandra {Senior Photography 2012}

Whew! So needless to say, given my extreme and embarrassing absence from you guys since November 15th…I’ve been over-my-head busy (of which I hopefully plan on another blog post this week explaining my absence). In the mean time, I thought I could at least share one of the MANY sessions I have to share that have occurred over my absence.

This is Alexandra–a senior with a light-hearted smile, extreme passion for softball, and what I honestly found to be a beautiful strength in her smile.

Oh, and why the big ring on her finger? Well, that would be because they won the STATE Championship last year. I remember high school years and how absolutely epic that feeling is. You can totally feel that strength I was talking about in this next one…I love her transition from that strength, to girl innocence below.Hopefully I’ll have more posts this week to prove to you guys that I have indeed been working in my absence this past month and a half! Happy Monday!! Oh, and I think it’s certainly appropriate for a little Geaux Tigers!!!!