September 2012 Archive

Ellis turns One!

Oh my, oh my Little Miss Ellis has turned one! For any of you who follow me regularly, well, you know Miss Ellis. This is her one year session we did recently — and as usual, she is a total crowd pleaser! I don’t know how her daddy ever tells her no. (; Her one year shoot was RIGHT up my alley, filled with lace, ruffles, linen, & pink. Check out the shabby chic lovin’!

The “K” above we’ve actually used in all of her sequence of photo sessions for her first year. Her momma has attention to detail that makes my heart (and camera) sing a happy tune! And while I had close-ups of her smiling, her two teeth showing in the one below was a must to share with  you! Little Miss is already such a sweet little Southern Belle with her pretty dresses and bows. I absolutely adored her blue gingham birthday dress!

And for those of you who have been following — and well, even those who haven’t been! Here’s a throwback from Ellis’ newborn and 8-month sessions done this year. Giving you the complete one-year collection here of everything that is cute, classy, and girly in the world of baby girls…Seriously, her momma ROCKS IT with the outfits for her sessions every single time. The drool and pearl mix of her 8-month session left my heart singing another happy, happy tune. I love this Little Miss and the opportunity I’ve gotten over the past year to capture her growing, changing, and finding that sweet personality all her own. Brandon & Jennie, I couldn’t be more thankful for you allowing me to have captured these sweet moments for you.

Brittany + Mike {engaged}

How we connect as human beings is something that sometimes leaves me in awe. There are certain people, that when I meet them, I almost instantly can tell that we are kindred spirits. Other times, I come to this realization after significant amounts of time spent with the person. Regardless, it is a heart-warming feeling to feel that connection. I knew after just a few emails with Brittany that she was a girl after my own heart – with her bubbly personality, classy, yet slightly eclectic style, and the pure love she has for life and for knowing how loved she is.

Then, OH THEN, I met the rest of her adorable little family and saw the love…and copius amounts of style and just all-out cuteness that embodies the three of them. As a couple, Brittany and Mike have a chemistry that can’t be bought in stores!

And as if that weren’t enough, their 3-year old, Collin, made my camera very, very happy—just about as happy as he was to strike some suave poses for me!


Mike and Brittany, I am so very grateful that you chose me to capture your beautiful family and such a special day ahead in December.

A Little Midwest Lovin’ {Fall Family Session}

So, I must say, Nebraska and all of its corn huskin’ goodness was never exactly in my top 5 places to visit in my lifetime; however, I absolutely fell in love with it during my recent trip there. I got the opportunity to travel to Lincoln, Nebraska to photograph Stacy and her sweet boys and I couldn’t have been happier with the Fall aura the Midwest had to offer — even in late August! Stacy, much like me, was ready for the warm goodness that Fall colors bring to a session…and I must say, her outfit choices and her sweet babies were PERFECTION.

Meet Avery. You will get quite acquainted with him in this post. His blonde hair and blue eyes made my camera sing a happy, happy tune!

I loved this session so much because it captured the raw emotion between mother and child — and to me, there is little in this world more beautiful. The adoration these two have for their momma was so very prominent and simply breathtaking throughout the session. Little boys may grow up to be men, but they always need a mother’s touch.

Stacy, I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to capture you, your boys, and the unconditional love they have for you. Seriously, I cannot wait for my next trip to Nebraska with its farmer’s markets and endless open fields. This Southern girl has a new, small obsession with the Midwest. Happy Tuesday!!