September 2013 Archive

Ellis is Two!

It makes my heart smile so big to see the babies I’ve photographed since the newborn stages grow. It adds something so unique to the experience for me to watch their little personalities develop. You might remember Little Miss Ellis from her fabulously styled First Year Sessions. Not only do my babies come with so much personality for photographs, but they also have the best little people clothing choices, ever.

I’ve been quite into the rustic fruit feel for my Fall sessions and Ellis’ sweet Southern peaches paired with her white linen dress unfolded exactly as her momma, Jennie, and I had hoped for from our styling consultations! I hope you enjoy this sweet girl as much as I have over the years!

Jennie, Brandon, and Ellis, I’ve enjoyed capturing your little family’s first years more than you’ll ever know. It fills my heart with so much joy to watch these babies grow. I can only hope to document you guys for years to come.

What I’m Loving: September 2013

If you’re a lover of Etsy, but sometimes find the vast array of awesome items on there overwhelming, you just might love Jones Design Company. Emily, the owner of JDC is a wife, mother, and creator extraordinaire. Her always inspiring creativity has been featured in many of my favorite blogs and companies, including: Better Homes and Gardens, Design Sponge, HGTV, The Huffington Post, and perhaps my most favorite of the list, Apartment Therapy. She offers adorable designs, some for download and others for purchase, that are sure to add some inviting warmth to any home or office. In fact, the adorable “Autumn Essentials” print below is offered as a FREE download for her subscribers! Her blog is jam packed with creative goodness. The first place I suggest starting on her blog is the ahh-mazing tour of her home decorated for Fall. You’re welcome. (:

I don’t know if you’ve seen the many raves about this Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay recently, but let me tell you, it lives up to its description for some deep pore cleansing. Immediately after my first mask, any blemishes I had on my face had surfaced for accelerated healing. It is 100% natural bentonite clay that you mix in a 1:1 ratio with raw apple cider vinegar. I recommend Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother, which you can buy on their website here, Whole Foods, or I get it from our local produce stand. The Indian Healing Clay can be found at Walgreens and Whole Foods for roughly $7 (I ordered off of Amazon), which is a steal, because undoubtedly, the jar will last quite a while. I only use a teaspoon of clay and a teaspoon of vinegar for each application. I highly recommend trying this out!

Along with half of social media, I’m itching for Fall and all it’s cozy goodness. I try my hardest to tame my urges to buy from the first, small wave of clothing that comes out, because year after year, I learn that the better stuff comes out in the more composed, second wave. However, I can’t say this stopped me from getting a head start on some staples in the accessory department! I live a very short distance from both Target and Tjmaxx, which makes for quite the love-hate relationship.

Some items I couldn’t pass up though, were:

BOXWOOD WREATH: I’ve been eyeing this baby up since the Spring, actually, but finally couldn’t resist any longer. This wreath definitely fits in the “home staple” category for me, because I plan on using it accordingly to each season, year-round. You can see where I’ve placed it in my home by following me @kalinorton on Instagram!

BAMBOO GOLD TOE FLATS: I actually scored these at a Imagine, a local boutique. With long days on my feet shooting weddings, I’m always on the lookout for some stylish and comfy flats to see me through. I adore these!

MERONA BLACK SACHEL HANDBAG w/ GOLD ACCENTS: This structured bag from Target is similar to the popular Phillip Lim line one also released at Target, and sold out instantly, last week.

In an effort to find alternatives to the industrial strength deodorant, filled with aluminum and other chemicals, I’ve been toying around with a few. I still haven’t found one that works for some hard core gym sweating, but I have found two that seem to work for my less intense moments of life. One is Tom’s of Maine, which I will discuss later, and the other, which I LOVE for less vigorous days at home, is Lush’s Aromaco Deodorant Bar and Powder. Lush products are made from organic fruits and vegetables, the best essential oils, and the smallest amount of safe synthetics. The deodorant is applied by rubbing the bar on the skin under the arms, then adding a bit of powder on top. I love this deodorant because I remain feeling fresh and fragrant on days of lighter activity and I know that I’m using a product that is non-toxic to my body. Plus, I even use the deodorant powder as a safe fragrance atop my coconut oil when moisturizing my body!

If you’re not familiar with the awesome, equal rights, healthy foundations Lush builds their products and company upon, you should go read their rockin’ mission statement. Seriously. Also, if you’d like to read more about the toxicity of antiperspirants, WebMD has a pretty informational article, here.

I’ve been experimenting and observing which non-toxic moisturizers work best with my skin type quite a bit lately. As I’ve recently decided to start ridding all toxic products from my regime, I started with Image Skincare’s line. Due to many studies linked to the health risks of parabens in many cosmetics and skincare lines, I sought out to find a safe alternative. Luckily, one of my closest friends, Connie, is a licensed Aesthetician on a mission to provide her clients with the knowledge and tools for healthy, safe skincare. You can read her credentials, here. Although, I’m hoping she will start a blog of her own soon to share the wealth of knowledge she has on the topic. (;

While Image is an established skincare product line, Connie also promotes many natural, “from the Earth,” if you will, skin health alternatives. After doing some of my own research and learning some things from Connie and her wealth of information in the department, I decided to try coconut oil, then another oil I bought from the local farmer’s market for my facial moisturizer. While I still use and LOVE both of these types of oil for other uses on my body and facial regime, I’ve found Image’s Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum and Hydrating Eye Gel to be the best uses for my actual morning and night moisturizers. I have pretty dry skin, especially under my eyes, so I like the heavy duty moisturizers–although, still non-toxic! However, this really depends on you, as I have other friends who the coconut oil or other oils work perfectly for.

Hope some of my September favorites find their way into your heart, as well!

Bailey {Senior 2014}

“Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room,
Memorize what it sounded like when your dad gets home.
Remember the footsteps, remember the words said
And all your little brother’s favorite songs.”

Those are words from a Taylor Swift song, but, oh my sweet, beautiful, goal-driven seniors, remember them. You’re ready to move onto the next chapter of your life, I know you are — and rightfully so. Your college years are a great, exciting new adventure. These years ahead will open your mind and your heart to places they’ve never been. You will meet people from all places and walks of life. Some will befriend you, many will teach you, some will be parts of some of the most memorable nights of your life, and then others will let you down. These years will be ones of exponential growth. You’re headed for the beginnings of your walk into adulthood, and when you’re done with the next four years, you will look back and see just what I meant when these words were written.

Every year I have a few seniors that I truly see small bits and pieces of my high school self in. Bailey’s drive in school and extracurriculars and her bubbly personality were just that. On the other hand though, I did NOT have her style in high school. I’m not even old, at all, but for some reason I feel like the seriously rockin’ styles my seniors come to the table with now just weren’t nearly as awesome…or maybe I was totally out of the fashion loop. Ew, let’s not dwell there.

Let’s dwell on Bailey’s earthy crochet-style dress that I need as a wardrobe addition and the to-die-for light in her field shots…

Hats and pearls will forever remain classy to me and tans and blacks do far too much for my soul. My mom used to fuss me when I was little because she claimed I only had grays, blacks, whites, and tans in my wardrobe. This still remains about 70% true and I’m not mad about it. Sorry momma! I just think they’re such classy, earthy colors.

Bailey, and my many sweet seniors that will leave an imprint on me this year — savor these moments. Enjoy the experiences ahead, and never, ever lose that beautiful drive that exists in you now. It will get you many places in life. It will be your intuition and your guiding light when adult things begin to muddle your sparkle. It will be your satisfaction at the end of countless hours and days of studying or working towards some huge, scary goal. It will be much of what’s left in you when those you count on let you down. And somewhere among the muddle when all of these things happen, you will remember your drive. You will remember the strong, beautiful woman your momma, your daddy, your grandma, your teachers, your mentors helped you become in those definitive years of your childhood. Never let anyone dull that beautiful sparkle!

Meet My Second Shooter…

He is my comic relief, my voice of reason amidst my frequent female freak-out sessions. He’s a genius brain and knower of any random fact. He is my avid video gamer, Pop Culture lover, Scout Sniper and Reconnaissance Marine. He’s my textbook reader and fixer of all electronic devices. He is my Mister Social, risk taker, and limit pusher.

He pushes me when I’m scared, picks me up when I fall, and challenges me when I’m stubborn. Our adventure in love has taught me more about life than I ever could have imagined, and brought me an eye for documenting life and love in a whole new light. It’s taught me to embrace life’s moments and the huge story, feeling, and era that lies behind each photograph. He connects with people and sees life in a whole different dynamic than I—and this is why he documents your day alongside me.

When you hire us for your wedding day, you’re getting more than just a photographer and second shooter, you’re getting a team of newlyweds who know the adventures, successes, trials, and monumental moments you will experience in this crazy next chapter — because trust me, it will be crazy. And it will be beautiful.

Some of the most monumental times in your life are ahead. There will be beauty, there will be breakdown, there will be all emotions in between. There will be days when you need to listen to your wedding song after a fight or look through those pictures to remind you of how you felt at those moments, to remind you. This is why we document.

Fall Promo + Senior 2014 Peek!

Oh happy day! I’m a sucker for Fall and all of its cozy goodness. To ring in October, I’ve decided to offer a little promo. Feel free to SHARE this photo with anyone you think that might be interested! $50 OFF COLLECTION BOOKINGS! Check the photo below for details. Fall books up super quickly as it is, so take advantage of this offer to secure your spot. I will be accepting sessions in time for Christmas and Christmas card printing thru November 21st!

And to get you hyped for the beginning of my seniors I adore so very much, here’s a peek at Bailey’s session! Stay tuned for her full blog posting and more from her session next week!

Have a happy, safe weekend! I’m off to one full of baby showers to welcome some sweet little ones into the world soon! I told you all of my friends were expecting. (;