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And the Winner Is…

I must say, I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of entries and ever-so-grateful. Thank you to all who entered! We pulled two names this morning from all of the entries. Hop on over to Instagram to see the video of the drawing. But, without further ado…

Wedding-10First Place (Emily Ley Turquoise Simplified Planner): Ashley Tucker

Second Place ($15 Target or Starbucks Gift Card – Winner’s Choice): Kelly Saucier

Winners email me your mailing addresses at to claim your prize. (:

And Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope your day is filled with nothing but the best love and laughter.


The Beards

With it being a time of thanksgiving, it’s only appropriate that I should be blogging these two today. Perhaps they look familiar to you from their surprise wedding we photographed this past March or from my personal posts if you follow me on Instagram. You see, Connie was my bride. Mind you, I had never met her before she approached me about booking, but well, she’s been the biggest gleam of sunshine in my life ever since. I knew from the moment I met her, like I do often times with people of her good nature, that she had a heart of gold and a optimistic fervor for life. She and Mike have become best friends to Preston and I over the course of the year and I could not be more grateful for their genuine presence, every single day.

Oh hey! They’re superbly stylish too! We know I have eyes for photographs that look like they came straight out of a Jcrew or Banana Republic catalog, and well, here you go. (:


Hehe, this is Little Miss Riley. She’s a dainty lady. We’ve dogsat her before and it was grand. That was before I had a monster of a fluffy puppy thinking everything as little as Miss Riley is a toy at his own personal service. Err…


This was one of my favorite photos from their session because umm, Connie has a little feisty streak that I love so dearly about her that Mike is always keeping in balance. It’s quite a fun dynamic to be around.


Connie threw on a flannel shirt over her lace dress for the second half of the session and I LOVE the whole different vibe it brought…

IMG_4419IMG_4393Beard-5IMG_4430 IMG_4425 Beard-6

 Connie and Mike, you two have truly become better friends than I ever could have imagined. I cherish your good nature, giant hearts, and love of good food every single day. I cannot wait for so many more adventures with you.








Introducing the all new Kali Norton Photography…and a giveaway!


I’m so elated to make this announcement that I could cry. March…since MARCH of this year, I’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into the making of this brand. Ok, maybe not blood, and maybe not a whole lot of sweat, but replace that with countless hours of writing, of pouring my heart out, and of getting to the knitty gritty of what I wanted to define me–my core, in business, for my clients, my friends, and my life. All of those hours, days, weeks, months, have led me here, to the unveiling of the new Kali Norton Photography, and I could not be more excited! Coincidentally, this launch comes in this beautiful week of Thanksgiving, and I’m extremely grateful. So grateful that we have a GIVEAWAY (scroll to bottom for that). But first, here’s a little glimpse into my soul, into what I desire my clients, friends, and strangers to experience when they come to me for photographs, to read my blog, or even just when we cross paths in the grocery store…

By chasing our hopes and dreams, we inspire others to chase theirs–by being open and giving of our light, we lift the spirits of others, who then reflect light to another, and another.

I believe that my best brides, seniors, wives, and mothers come to me because they see glimpses of transparency, combined with my professionalism and talent and know that our souls were meant to work together. We connect because they are inspired and, know of their worth and beauty deep within. Sometimes though, we need to be reminded of the radiance within us, hidden behind the hustle, bustle, and trials life brings. Life is one crazy ride, but I’ve found that professional photographs of myself, Preston, and our life has truly helped me find, inspiration, solace and beauty in what I HAVE instead of what else I want. They are priceless time capsules of organic beauty that I cannot wait to share with my children someday.

I believe in the cozy feeling of a warm soy chai latte.
I believe in the hope a random act of kindness brings.
I believe in the comfort of a clean, inviting home.
I believe in the unconditional love found in an animal or child.
I believe in the zing of the warm summer sun hitting the skin.
I believe in the radiance that lies in every woman.
I believe in the perfection when combining good food, wine, and friends.
I believe in the irrevocable beauty of a creative mind.
I believe in the confidence of a new outfit.
I believe in the brilliance of any smile.
I believe in making life more beautiful by, simply, loving pretty things.
I believe in the beauty found in any breakdown.
I believe in documentation through photographs to affirm life’s charm and serve as a delicate reminder for when the more dismal moments decide to visit. It is art, beauty, that brings us through these moments and reminds us that, somewhere in the muddle, there is radiance.

This is me, this is the core of Kali Norton Photography and the drive behind the documentation that means so much to me, for you. And if you’d like to see more of all that is new, hop on over to the brand spankin’ new shiny website!

And now, as promised, and because it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m very thankful for each and every one of you reading this, I’m giving away TWO things that make my life a little sweeter. The first, is Emily Ley‘s Turquoise Simplified Planner  and the second is a $15 Starbucks OR Target gift card (winner’s choice). Both of these make my life easier, or sweeter, on a weekly basis and I want to share the love!

Why? Because I love you. Why else? Because it’s the time of year to show gratitude, and I’m exceptionally grateful.


First Place: Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner in Turquoise

Second Place: $15 Target OR Starbucks Gift Card (winner’s choice)


CONTEST OPENS: Today, November 25th

CONTEST CLOSES: Wednesday, November 26th at midnight (CST)


WHO CAN ENTER? Anyone who “Likes” Kali Norton Photography on Facebook and shares via Facebook (tagging me in commentary) OR anyone who follows @kalinorton on Instagram and shares via Instagram (tagging me in the commentary) OR anyone who comments on this blog.

HERE’S HOW TO ENTER: Each person can have up to THREE entries, one via Facebook share, one via Instagram share, and one by commenting on this post. You DO NOT have to do all three of these to enter, just ONE. However, if you do all three, you will qualify for three entries. (:

Here are more details for each way to enter…

WHAT ARE YOU SHARING ON FACEBOOK? A link to THIS blog post OR to my new, shiny website ( There’s even a convenient tab at the bottom of this post that will let you share, rather easily to Facebook. Don’t forget to tag me and you MUST “Like” Kali Norton Photography on Facebook to qualify. Here‘s the link to my Facebook page.

WHAT ARE YOU SHARING ON INSTAGRAM? I’ve shared a giveaway this morning on my Instagram explaining the giveaway. Regram that photo with the hashtag #kalinortongiveaway and tag me @kalinorton in the comments.  You MUST be an instagram follower of me @kalinorton to qualify.

COMMENT ENTRY: Simply submit your comment below, along with your FULL NAME. I can only identify winners who comment with their full name.

Winners will be announced on Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Monday!



Brou/Norton Family

All grown up, even my baby sister, is a bit of a strange sight to see in photographs. Strange, but beautiful. Thinking of growing up with sisters, of the fights over clothing, the bribes to switch outfits, the pulling of hair, the moments when cuddling is ok–the moments of growing up. Lovely.

We recently did a little Fall session with my parents and sisters, and I must say, I’m loving the warm hues and the strange feeling of seeing my family on camera. (; Ah, just look at my baby sister, not looking like a baby at all…








As I’ve grown a little, I’ve learned the beauty in embracing stages of life–of seeing the growth from where those surrounding have come from and where they’ll go, and of just embracing the now. It’s so interesting to look at this next photo, knowing that in a few years we will probably look back on it and think of how different our family was.


And these two, answering every phone call I had with questions as I was building our new house and doing all sorts of new grown up things. And if you haven’t been following me and didn’t know, not only are they talented at making girls, but also at building and refurbishing things. They’ve done countless projects for me, including this freaking awesome office shelving. They are beautiful.

IMG_2100 IMG_2032

This is Shelli, she’s our quirky middle child. Can you tell?



So, in the spirit of embracing seasons, I’ll attempt to embrace this 75 degree, extremely humid “Fall” weather here in Louisiana. Happy Friday, friends!








Kaylyn {Senior 2014}

I must say, I totally join the masses when it comes to being a lover of all things Fall and Winter. Crunchy leaves, classy and cozy sweaters, good hair days, leggings, boots, and scarves. I’m sure some of you are tired of hearing of these things already, but, don’t be a scrooge — it’s a lovely time of year! My sweet senior, Kaylyn, did her session on a perfect Fall day — crunchy leaves on the ground, crisp air, the most perfect outfits and attitude. I always tend to post heavy on my field shots, but I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for the gorgeous light and beautiful outfits fields bring about!

Kaylyn has a quiet spirit and light-hearted laugh that could brighten up any room. I think her quiet persona, around me at least, made my heart so full when she gave that big, beautiful smile and spurts of laughter. I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again, I never, ever get tired of photographs capturing a moment of a truly happy woman. It’s a tough life, especially for girls as we grow older, to keep that beautiful radiance, strength, dignity, and optimism into adulthood–but I believe it’s always there somewhere in a woman–a serving spirit and radiant soul. I believe it’s important for women to see and understand the moving power behind the sight of a happy woman, especially if it’s in her own self. So this is why a truly happy photograph of a woman will always be one of the most breathtaking things on this Earth to me.

Now, enough of that. Enjoy Kaylyn in all of her youthful radiance…

Kaylyn put on J’adore Lexie Couture’s Flower Crown in a few shots and we had a little fun…

Then, we moved on to play in some crunchy leaves…

Kaylyn, it was truly a pleasure photographing you. I wish you nothing but happiness and success in your upcoming years…