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The Ledet Family

I have a handful of sweet families who have stuck with me since the beginning of their pregnancy journey. My sweet Elliana is now turning two, and I could not be more grateful that Daniel and Angela have chosen me to continuously photograph the milestones of her growth. You all probably have gathered, if you’re an avid reader of my blog, that I’m perhaps a little too sentimental, like ALL of the time. (Preston would not contest that notion. Oops!) Either way, I’ve found it incredibly special to me to watch these babies grow. To see their little personalities develop, their curls grow into long brown locks, what makes up their little giggles, and even their adorable little tempers. I only spend about an hour with them for a session, so yes, their tempers are rather adorable to me. I’m sure mom and dad would beg to differ…


The cream colored lace and linen dress that Angela found for Elli was perfection for what you’ve probably gathered is my style, generally for sessions.

Two years is almost always the “independent” stage for the littles, so playing into letting them think they are in control is always quite entertaining to me. I should also mention that Elli seems to find it hilarious when someone is choking, which was rather amusing. So, there was a bit of fake choking that seemed to happen to me that day.

IMG_1099 IMG_1108 IMG_1111

Elli was trying to get daddy to do what she wanted, too.

Gosh, I adore this family. Angela is a veterinarian, who has actually cared for our Chewie since he was a brand new pup. She has the biggest heart and smile. It’s so warm and bubbly just to be in her presence.IMG_1246 IMG_1167Ledet-5 IMG_1184

You know I love my momma-baby photographs…IMG_0915Ledet-3IMG_0930IMG_1212

Clearly Elli is both a momma AND daddy’s girl though. These are some of my most favorite daddy-daughter shots I’ve ever taken.IMG_1204 IMG_1216

We ended the session with the most adorably photographable tantrum on the planet…and you can bet I snapped some pictures of that hanging bottom lip and crocodile tears. These are the ones momma will show her when she’s a teenager. (:IMG_1197Ledet-4IMG_1292

 Oh sweet Elliana, don’t you ever grow up. I’m sure that’s exactly how mommy and daddy feel. But when you inevitably do, keep all of that sugar and spice, and most of all, that big heart of love and those goofy giggles you want to share with everyone at two years old.














Grace in Your Heart and Flowers in Your Hair – My Most Meaningful Giveaway, EVER (EXTENDED DEADLINE)

The essence of a woman, is by far, the most bafflingly beautiful thing to me. There is a particular strength, dignity, and grace interwoven in the soul of a woman that is just breathtaking.  Lately, this particular subject has really moved me.  I’ve been driven by stories, inspired by silent battles, and just moved by the women around me who have endured or are currently enduring with a level of grace, dignity, and preserverance that just simply deserves a little light.

Perhaps this is why I have such a deep love and devotion for photographing women. I feel that a photograph of a woman smiling, truly a joyful smile is one of the most breathtakingly powerful sights. I feel that the intimate moment captured between a mother and her newborn is a breath of love that no one in the world can understand but her. I feel that the bold beauty of a high school senior trying to find her place in this great big world is more than just a pretty photograph, but rather, a message that tells her that she is good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough–that she has something all her own to offer to the world. I believe that a woman has more power at her fingertips by the grace, dignity, and levels of love she can offer to the world than any other creature on this Earth.

I truly believe that what we as women need even is uplifting from other women. I like to think that we are like reflectors, and by being uplifting, we set the bar for others to do the same. With that being said, I’ve decided this year to put on the biggest contest I’ve ever held to celebrate the strength and beauty of the women we call our mothers, our friends, our sisters, daughters, companions–the ones who’ve fought battles, silently or with support of loved ones–the ones who need a little light in their lives.

Womens Giveaway


The winner, chosen by me based on all nominated submissions, will be gifted an ENTIRE Lifestyle Collection Session (including styling direction, session, gallery of edited images, blog feature with a write-up on the specific beauty and grace behind the woman in the photographs) valued at over $500.

Sessions will be gifted for use in the Hammond/Ponchatoula area, HOWEVER, this should NOT discourage readers from ANYWHERE to enter. Should the winner want a session somewhere other than where I am located, they can still be awarded the same $500 valued collection and would simply have to provide my travel costs. Still a phenomenal win, if you ask me. Plus, I’d LOVE to hear stories from ANY and EVERYWHERE.

ALSO, if the nominated winner chosen is from out of state, they will be contacted with a choice to accept. If they decline, the next winner will be chosen. All of that being said to not sway ANYONE from nominating deserving contenders.


I’m looking for nominations for any woman, of any age, you know who’s fought or is currently fighting some sort of battle OR striving to reach some sort of goal for self-improvement with an awe-inspiring grace and dignity.


Her name.

A photograph of her, link to her Facebook, OR link to her Instagram.

Her story and what about her story makes her inspiring to you or others. Give me as much information as possible as to what makes her beautiful, strong, and dignified. (NO personal information about any contestants will be published without my first contacting them for approval once all submissions have been entered).


Nomination submission deadline is EXTENDED THROUGH MARCH. Deadline is April 1, 2014 at Midnight CST.


All nominations should be emailed to kali(at)kalinorton.com or via my website contact page with the subject line “2014 Nomination.”

I absolutely cannot wait to be moved by the powerful women we are surrounded by. I truly believe in documentation through photographs to affirm life’s charm and serve as a delicate reminder that, somewhere in the muddle, there is radiance.

P.S. – Fabulous quote above credit goes to Mumford & Sons, from their song “After the Storm.”



Lauren + Ryan – Part I

When I had the vision for starting my business several years ago, sessions just like this are exactly what I had in mind. From the beginning, this was the vision, the comfortability, and the authentic emotion I wanted to capture for clients. Emotion, atmosphere, styling that could so very meticulously represent who they are and how they are. After a night of wedding timeline planning, good conversation, and lots of laughs over several bottles of wine and some cheese at my house a few weeks ago, I realized that vision that I had for understanding my clients, getting to know them as friends, and authentically being able to capture their aura was finally panning out in the way I’d always imagined.

Lauren has the absolute most adorably awkward personality I’ve ever met in my life. Think Zooey Deschanel, but even better. I know, is that even possible? I’m learning that I’m forming a bad/good (I don’t know) habit of finding comparisons to celebrities with my clients. Sorry? Should I be sorry, I don’t know? I personally always find them flattering comparisons, so I guess I’ll keep at it.

When it comes to grooms, I shouldn’t do this, but I always tend to go into meeting them with the expectation that I won’t get a whole lot of open personality from them. This, however, always leaves me quite elated when they are outgoing and interested in some aspect of the wedding-which ends up being the case more times than not. In Ryan’s case, not only did we have tons of fabulous conversation, both over wine when he came with Lauren for planning, and also during the session. I also noticed particularly during both times I spent with them, of how his face showed pure contentment every time he watched Lauren giddy over something she was discussing–about the wedding or life. He seemed so content by watching her just simply be happy. I told you, there’s something SO powerful about a smiling woman




When Lauren and I were discussing the colors and planning for her session, she mentioned to me that she always drinks wine out of coffee cups–mismatched, please. So, she and Ryan sipped their wine and sang their songs, and had a sweet little time.IMG_0333IMG_0291IMG_0331IMG_0298Hackett-3

Fair skin is SO so very breathtaking, ladies! Milky, fair skin is the most beautiful thing on camera. In fact, just a little tidbit of info for you: tanning bed tans AND spray tans actually cause an orangy, MAROON (yes, maroon) skin tint on camera that I can not fully perfect. There’s only so much a photographer can do to make a “fake” skin tone look natural. So, just a word to the wise when you’re prepping to ever be photographed for a big event. I know it seems like the “safe” and comfortable way to go, but it’s actually the complete opposite.

Anyhow, I love love love Lauren’s pale skin and hint of rosey on her cheeks. I think it speaks for itself…IMG_0376Hackett-4IMG_0385 Hackett-5 Hackett-6 IMG_0426

Lauren and Ryan, I couldn’t be more elated and grateful at your choosing me to document the start of your married life together. You two are beautiful from the inside out, and have inspired me as both a new friend and photographer. I cannot wait for April.

You know something good is coming when there’s a Part One…undoubtedly meaning there must be even more to follow. Well, there is. (: Stay tuned for Part II of Lauren and Ryan’s engagement sesh next week! Have the happiest weekend my friends! Preston has convinced me into a comic convention this weekend, which means I’ll be dressed as Chewie, along with the rest of our accompanied crew who will also be various Star Wars characters. I’m kind of excited to see everyone dressed up in very intricately planned costumes. I’ll take pictures so you can be amused as I am…







Pleats and Pink, Thank Heaven for Little Girls.

There is something about soft, pleated chiffon, muted colors, and linen that will forever and always scream the perfect description of all things little girl. Delicate and angelic, just like my sweet little Isla.  Isla turned ONE last month. Yes, one. Geesh, where oh where has the time gone?  I had this exact look in my mind from the moment I found this perfectly little soft pink dress. This session is how I imagine all things girly–made of soft sugar, a little spice, but mostly everything nice.


Those eyes, AH…those eyes. They are naturally just as blue and big like that, straight out of my camera. Nothing better. And this black and white, focused on her curled little toes was one of my most favorites from the session. I love photos with subtle little details, rather than obvious, expected emotion and action.IMG_0845IMG_0809

 I hope you enjoyed all things a little girly this morning! And just a little reminder, if you missed last week’s blog post, PLEASE PLEASE go read it. It’s monumental, it’s got so much meaning to me, and IT’S A FULL SESSION GIVEAWAY. Go read it here, NOW. Oh, and happy Tuesday! (:


A Black Tie Affair – Christine + Taylor

Of course, all weddings I photograph are filled with love and elation for the couple to be wed; however, the aura surrounding Christine and Taylor’s day had a special exhuberance of love and support that was palpable. Not only were their families fabulous, but it was quite clear of the tight knit and loving support system they have within their group of friends.

Every bit of Christine’s planning screamed of consistency, elegance, and grace. The girls got ready at Christine’s parents’ beautiful home, which contained the most picture-perfect white columns I’ve ever seen in a living room. Clearly paired with the most perfect light coming in the giant foyer and formal dining windows, I HAD to make use of the columns. And so we did.Graham-3IMG_2236IMG_9109IMG_2342IMG_2262IMG_9115

Did I mention her dress? Lace, fitted, classy goodness, I tell you…IMG_9184

One of my most favorite decisions many of my couples decide to do when choosing not to do a first look is what I like to call “the non-first look.” See what I did there? It’s where the bride sees the groom; however, he doesn’t see her. I’ve found that this works very well, not only for fabulous photos that we would otherwise probably miss by the time the ceremony ends, but also because it gives the bride and groom what is perhaps the only moment during the day to connect more intimately. I always find it funny that on a wedding day, a day which is a celebration of a couple’s love for one another, they often get little-to-no time together. I truly enjoy and appreciate the few minutes they get to talk, touch, and soak in the monumental event, just with one another. I was elated when, not only did they decide to do this, but when we decided that they would do this among these ever-fabulous columns.IMG_2486IMG_2489IMG_2497IMG_9372Graham-2 IMG_9368IMG_2503Graham-4IMG_2699IMG_2690IMG_2710

If you can’t tell, these groomsmen were quite an entertaining bunch. Mind you, I did not queue them on any of these photographed moments.IMG_2217 Graham-7IMG_2788Graham-9 Graham-8IMG_9756 Graham-10Graham-14IMG_2919Graham-12IMG_0088 Graham-11IMG_3108Graham-13IMG_3124 IMG_0163 IMG_0166 IMG_9995

Christine and Taylor, I’m honored to have had the opportunity to document your day. I wish you nothing but love and happiness and endless years together.