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What I’m Loving: Fairhope, AL

Growing up in Louisiana, travel along the Gulf coast was pretty frequent for our family. After meeting Preston, who’s originally from Alabama, it became even more frequent for me to take those little two and a half hour drives from Louisiana to Alabama. With a compilation of family, Preston’s military career, and many friends there, we still visit quite frequently. In the company of our visits, we almost always find time to stop into Downtown Fairhope. If you’re not familiar with this cute little All-American town, it’s a must-see visit for a dose of classy, Southern, and small town America. Best part is, it’s a stop on the way to Gulf Shores or Florida–so I highly recommend a little stop in on your next trip. Even moreso, if you’re looking for a quaint little girls’ weekend of good food, classy fun, and great shops, look no further.

I’m always looking for the best places to eat when we visit places, so I thought I’d share with you a few of our consistent favorites when we are in Fairhope. My all-time favorite is Local’s. Seriously, I don’t think I visit Fairhope without popping in for a meal there. Local’s prides themselves in local, organic, grass-fed meats, game, and fresh local veggies for their deliciously crafted burgers and the best shrimp and grits around. Wait, it actually gets better when I tell you that you can bring your own alcohol. As if the food weren’t fabulous enough, the fact that I can pick up a nice bottle of wine from Red or White Wine Bar down the street and bring it into the restaurant with no corking fee, pretty much makes it a forever love affair.

Speaking of, if you do make a weekend visit to Fairhope and need a swanky place for great atmosphere and fabulous, affordable wine selection after dinner, I highly recommend taking a stroll a few blocks over to Red or White.

Downtown FairhopeDowntown Fairhope

If you like things a bit crunchy from time to time in your life, I also highly recommend taking a stroll a few doors down from Local’s over to Rosie Bluum. Essential oils, organic makeups, body things, are just a few of the treasures to find if you need a few organic, California-esque vibes in your life.

Downtown Fairhope

Lastly, if you ever do decide to stay in Fairhope for longer than a few hours and need a second fabulous meal option, Pinzone’s is another must. Their romantic outdoor courtyard, fabulous wine selection, and delicious Italian make for a super romantic date night or classy girls’ night. In their case, the pictures below simply speak for themselves.Downtown Fairhope Downtown Fairhope Downtown Fairhope

If you find yourself in Fairhope, let me know if you’ve loved any of these suggestions! I’d love to hear about your experiences. Happy, happy day, my friends!


Featured In: Emmaline Bride

I’m so excited to announce that Molly and Kenny’s wedding is featured on Emmaline Bride today! Hop on over to their blog HERE to check it out.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 7.36.59 AMHappy Thursday, friends!


Eli {20 Days New}

I have a handful of clients who have been with me since my itty bitty beginnings of sweating out newborn shoots when I felt like I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Of course, they never knew that, but boy I did. I was so scared those first few times I photographed these brand new lives, and as new parents, I’m sure they were too. But luckily, there were ever-gracious people out there who had faith in my vision and abilities. What’s better is, they’ve stuck with me for nearly four years now, as I’ve gone through the hiccups and learning curves of starting this little photography business–they’ve stuck with me. Unwavering. Booking photo sessions to document the life, growth, and love of their families each year. That is utterly the most monumental compliment I could ever hope for.

With that being said, as you scroll, you’ll probably recognize Eli’s little family from many shoots I’ve done with them over the years. But for now, this is about Eli. He’s brand new and showered with so much love.

As I may have mentioned before, my portrait sessions are less posed and more lifestyle oriented. So, with that being said, I focus more on relationships and organic emotion rather than poses and props. Fifty years from now, I truly believe that it won’t be the hat you wore that you’ll remember, but instead, the soft, loving embrace your mother gave you. The embrace that told you that no one on this Earth would ever love you as much as she.

Newborn SessionNewborn Session

You know, oh you already know how it fills my heart to document momma and baby like this…Newborn SessionNewborn Session

Eli and I just hung out as he basked in the soft window light.
Newborn Session

And Little Miss Ellis patiently waited her turn to love on her brother, while serenading me with her favorite songs from Frozen. Newborn SessionNewborn SessionJennie and Brandon, thank you so much for entrusting me the duty of documenting your family each year. I truly could not be more grateful to have the opportunity to watch the love and life grow as time passes.






Gulf Shores Family Portraits

Because she will only be this age once. She’ll only fit in your arms in that way for so long. She’ll only excitedly proclaim, “Choo-chi!” in that way that her words are not yet pronounced for so long. But you’ll always have the photos–and always, always, she’ll be your baby.

I’ve ranted many times of the importance I feel in professionally photographing family regularly. Authentic, lifestyle photographs that bring out the emotion, age, and relationships that intertwine the family unit. They’re heirlooms, my friends–time capsules that, ten years from now, you might not remember otherwise.

This is part of my family. You’ve seen them before, because well, we do this regularly. We do it because we believe in it. We believe in the documentation, the frozen moments in time, the art of it all.

Beach SessionBeach Session

Amanda is my first cousin, but is really more like a sister, honestly. We’re five months apart in age and have experienced so many monumental life events together. She had my godchild, Isla, a year and a half ago, and has brought so much added joy into our family.Beach SessionBeach SessionBeach Session

These are my two sisters–Shelli and Delaini. You’ve probably seen them on here before, also. Shelli is in school at LSU working towards her Master’s Degree and Delaini is heading to junior high. Beach SessionBeach SessionBeach SessionBeach Session

I scooped up my Isla-girl for a few photos of her and I. We just couldn’t let good hair and a happy baby go to waste as long as there was still sunlight out…Beach Session Beach SessionBeach Session

But my favorites, always my favorite, are the time captured between momma and baby.

Beach Session Beach Session






Vacation Recap: Seattle

This summer has been one of hustle, bustle, and a good deal of traveling in between, granting many opportunities of which I’m ever-grateful. To be able to pick up and go and work from different places around the country leaves me so grateful that this little fearful idea I had to start a photography business 4 years ago has blossomed into such opportunity. In July, I had the absolute pleasure of shooting Molly & Kenny’s beautiful outdoor wedding just north of Seattle. I was able to stay a few extra days and explore the city and everything it had to offer my eager eyes. Conveniently, my best friend Blair lives there and was able to show me all of the things Seattle in a non-touristy kind of way.

So, because I think you could use something other than just portrait session and wedding photos every once and a while, here’s a little recap of my trip…

2014-08-19_00052014-08-19_0001 2014-08-19_0024

Pike Place Market–pretty much the farmer’s market of farmer’s markets. Fish, flowers, organic body things, fresh produce. Yep. Also, famously known as the home of the very first Starbucks where people wait in freakishly long lines for a cup o’ joe. I passed on the long line and just pretended that I had a dirty chai.
2014-08-19_0023 2014-08-19_00262014-08-19_0008 2014-08-19_0007

Instead, I got a dirty chai at this super cozy little coffee shop with pretty strung lights and odds and end trinkets. Seattle is known for their coffee, but let me tell you, they’re not shy about some delicious, fresh food either. I had some fabulous eats while there, including smoked Salmon omelette brunch at Portage Bay Cafe’, the most fresh and unique small plate dinner at Local 360, and the critically acclaimed Caribbean Roast Sandwich from Paseo. All places I highly recommend if you’re ever visiting the city.2014-08-19_0006 2014-08-19_0009

The last evening there may have been my favorite. We picked up the aforementioned sandwiches from Paseo, a good bottle of Rose’, and headed to Gas Works Park overlooking Lake Union to watch the sailboats pass and picnic, along with tons of other people who had the same idea on that perfect summer evening. Seattle summer weather is perfection. Perrrrrfection, I tell you–and everyone there knows it. Thus, tons of picnics outside watching regattas and sunsets ensue.
2014-08-19_0017 2014-08-19_0019 2014-08-19_0018 2014-08-19_0021

Oh, Pacific Northwest, thank you for the best time, the most beautiful sights, and the biggest smile while crossing you off of my bucket list.