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What I’m Loving: Holiday Gift Guide

As we are nearing the hustle and bustle of the holidays in full swing, and before the largest shopping day of the year, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite gift ideas this season. All are items I’ve been loving myself as of late–and if I’m loving them, I figured you might too! Some are girly items, but I did make sure to include a couple that anyone would love! From the nester, to the literature lover, to the chef, to the makeup lover–I’ve got you covered.WIL-ChristmasEdition

  1. CAPRI BLUE CANDLES: I’ve always loved this brand, but especially with the holidays, I’m just smitten over CB’s Volcano scent mercury glass candle. The mercury glass fits perfectly with holiday decor and adds the perfect extra cheer into my house. This is an EXCELLENT gift for any lady in your life. My favorite and an Anthropologie favorite too. If you’re local, my favorite boutique, Imagine, has them in stock now. I can’t promise that I won’t scoop them all up though. (:
  2. OH MY DEER BY CHELSEA PETAJA PRINTS: For the literature lover and the nester, these prints are absolutely on the list of my top ten favorite pieces in my entire house. I have Chelsea’s limited edition Albert Camus 18×24 poster framed in gold in my living room and it gets so many comments by visitors of my abode. What’s even more lovely to me than that is the most perfect literary quotes she chooses to artfully letter by some of the best writers of all time–Emerson, Camus, Hemingway–to name a few. Prints come in modest sizes 8×10 for a stocking stuffer all the way up to her beautifully lettered 18×24 posters–so there are many gift giving options! She also has a few holiday prints, which I’m of course a fan of, as well.
  3. THE OYSTER BED: This is the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am of oyster plates and I absolutely love it. Preston and I love recreating our version of delicious baked oysters on here. Pair it with a nice glass of red and you’re golden for a cozy date night at home. What’s even better is that this particular oyster plate is absolutely versatile. From cooking various appetizers and dishes in the oven, on the grill, or even storing them in the fridge all the way to presenting them on the table, this plate is quite dynamic. I love that I can cook my dish and put it straight out for guests without having to switch it over into a more presentable plate. Even more than all of the pretties and versatility, what I truly love about this plate is that it was designed with the goal of giving back a little to this beautiful, yet quickly depleting coast on which we are so fortunate to call home. A main goal of the founders of The Oyster Bed is that restaurants and home consumers of oysters along the coast would be able to recycle more of the shells back into estuaries which are vital to preserving the precious land of our quickly eroding coast. You can read more about their passionate efforts, the family behind the product, and purchase your own oyster bed or a as a gift for the chef in your life, here. Hurry though, this particular favorite of mine only has a few more days of ordering eligibility to receive it in time for the holidays!
  4. URBAN DECAY’S NAKED 3 EYESHADOW PALETTE: This one really needs very little introduction, as Urban Decay’s Naked Palette’s have been unmatched favorites for quite some time in the makeup world . But with the release of their soft pinks and browns in their Naked 3 eyeshadow palette, you can’t go wrong gifting this to most any lady who likes to get dolled up in your life. Neutral enough for anyone who doesn’t wear much makeup, yet quality, beautiful tones for someone who does–it’s a win-win gift, undoubtedly.

I hope you enjoyed this little gift guide, but more so, I hope you enjoy soaking up precious time being thankful for those that are in your life tomorrow. I’ve written this post in time for Black Friday shopping, and while I’ll admit I love a little retail therapy, it does sadden me that a day designated to family and time spent giving thanks has truly turned into a day retailers have made their own. So, before you head out to the stores, please savor that time with family and keep those in mind whose holidays are spent alone, heartbroken, or working this Thanksgiving.


Owen Family | Louisiana Family Photographer

What’s even more heart fulfilling than photographing a family just once, is when I photograph them year after year. When I can watch children grow, relationships change, and document what life’s about–year after year. This is my third year photographing Erica and Jeremy’s beautiful little family, and having gotten to know them over the years has been an overwhelming gift.2014-11-25_00152014-11-25_00162014-11-25_00032014-11-25_0001 2014-11-25_0002

This little runt was just a teensy toddler the first year we did photos–now he’s so handsome and loves to strut in front of the camera.2014-11-25_0004 2014-11-25_0007 2014-11-25_0008

Erica is hilarious–as both a mother and a person. From belting out frozen songs with fake wigs and recording them, to just singing tunes unabashedly with her kiddos, she makes memories with them that I know they will carry with them for a lifetime.2014-11-25_00182014-11-25_0005 2014-11-25_0009

Can we just reflect for a moment on how handsome and loving Dean is? Gracious.2014-11-25_00112014-11-25_0010 2014-11-25_0012

Jeremy’s got his humor too. I’m pretty sure if I lived in their house, I’d never be short of laughs.2014-11-25_0013 2014-11-25_0014

Erica, Jeremy, Annabelle, and Dean, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for allowing me another memorable year of documenting your family. And if you ever get the urge to belt out some tunes, I don’t have cable, so the spot in front of my TV is always open for your stage. (;

2014-11-25_00172014-11-25_0006 SIGNATURE








It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I told you we had some exciting news to share today. We got a bit of holiday cheer early this year and Chewie is SO excited about it. (:2014-11-24_0001

Meet Miss Scout, the newest member of our family. We’re all so very smitten with her, already and can’t wait to share the adventures of she and Chewie growing up together. He’s finally gotten out of the puppy stage and we felt that it was time to add a little companion into his life.
2014-11-24_0003 2014-11-24_0004As for Chewie, well, he’s absolutely obsessed. He follows her all over the house and plays the most adorable gentle tug-of-war with her. Well, most of the time it’s gentle. (: She’s pretty feisty though, and can certainly hold her own, much like the Scout she’s named after. Bonus points for anyone who knows where her name comes from.

2014-11-24_0002 2014-11-24_0005

We hope you enjoy a little peek at our newest addition! Follow me @kalinorton on Instagram for the most updated adventures of Scout and Chewie. Happy Monday, friends!


Shelbie: Part II | Senior 2015: Louisiana Senior Photography

Giggles. I love when girls get the giggles. Dancing in the street, giggles, and bouncy curls, I cannot think of much more perfectly girly. And we know I like some girly. Skirts, heels, and sparkles–I’m pretty sure Shelbie and I would get along just fine hanging out for the weekend.2014-11-12_0002 2014-11-12_0004 2014-11-12_0003 2014-11-12_0001She chose this deep winter burgundy for two of her four outfits, and I just love the soft and appropriate statement it made.2014-11-12_0005 2014-11-12_0007 2014-11-12_0008

Shelbie, thank you so much for allowing me to document your glowing aura and your contagious laugh.



Ducote Family | Louisiana Family Photographer

I cannot even believe that my sweet Isla is almost two–and spunky as ever. So very independent–I absolutely adore how her cute little personality is molding into one all her own. If there’s anything I love, it’s an independent little lady–even at two years old.  Did I mention that I have an adult version of her outfit? Oops.2014-11-18_0001 2014-11-18_0002We all find it really funny how spunky Isla is, given that her momma is the quietest, most mild mannered person on the planet. But she certainly keeps everyone laughing and on their toes.2014-11-18_00122014-11-18_0013

She was a daddy’s girl all the way for their session–but I don’t think Seth was complaining.2014-11-18_0004 2014-11-18_00052014-11-18_0003 2014-11-18_0006 2014-11-18_0007 2014-11-18_0008 2014-11-18_0010 2014-11-18_0011

These last ones are some of my absolute favorites of her. They just capture her two-year-old spunk like nothing else.
2014-11-18_00162014-11-18_00172014-11-18_0015 2014-11-18_0014 I hope you enjoyed my spicy godchild as much as I do. Happy Tuesday, friends!