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Subtle Suede & Plaid | A Casual Day on the Town: New Orleans Fashion Photographer

Although I’d be lying if I said this “Fall” weather in South Louisiana was cool enough for me right now, the temperatures do make for some easy, quick, and cute daytime outfits. Recently, I scored these suede bells from Target–a current new favorite addition to my wardrobe this season. Pair them with THE-MOST-COMFORTABLE-TEE-I-OWN by the ever-fabulous style blogger herself, Cara Loren and some plaid and I’m set for errands and lunch with the gals. Undoubtedly, all three of these pieces will be staples for me this Fall.

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Suede Bell Bottoms  // Black & White Plaid // Man Crush Monday Tee  // Glasses // Sandals (similar) // Makeup: Ashley Sievert // Hair: Bleu Blowdry BarStyle Blog

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Happy Thursday, friends!



Oversized Cable Knit Sweater // Faux Leather Knee-slit Leggings // Booties  (similar) // Makeup: Ashley Sievert // Hair: Bleu Blowdry Bar

Camille + Patrick: Mandeville Engagement Photographer

One thing I appreciate about the clients who find themselves in front of my camera is our shared appreciation for classic, timeless style. Camille and Patrick were no exception to this. The outfits she constructed for her and Patrick’s session made my heart sing, because I just know that in twenty, thirty, fifty years, the images and style within them will remain just as captivating as in this moment. Bridal Portraits

Bridal PortraitsBridal PortraitsBridal PortraitsBridal PortraitsBridal Portraits  Camille and Patrick, here’s to your love being just as timeless as your style.Bridal Portraits Bridal PortraitsBridal Portraits Bridal Portraits  Bridal PortraitsBridal Portraits Bridal Portraits SIGNATURE

Scott | Fall Days & Country Livin’ : Baton Rouge Children & Family Photographer

As I arrived at Meg’s house, she informed me that the plan had changed and Scott didn’t fit any of the clothes she had gotten him for the session. I’m pretty positive, in that moment, the fashion, stylist, boutique owner, and perfectionist in her was just doing somersaults of freak outs inside her brain. Meg is a good friend of mine and the owner of Imagine Boutique, a local and online boutique with fabulous style direction. For anyone who visits my blog on the reg, you’ve undoubtedly heard of its mention.

Meg and Brandon began growing their new little family with this cute little thing, recently. I was so overjoyed when she contacted me entrusting me to not only document the growth of her business baby, but her real-life baby also. These chubby cheeks and bright eyes had me swooning.

Bridal PortraitsBridal PortraitsBridal PortraitsBridal PortraitsBridal Portraits Bridal Portraits

The two-teethed smile. I cannot handle any of you, Scott.Bridal Portraits Bridal Portraits Bridal PortraitsBridal PortraitsBridal Portraits Bridal Portraits Bridal Portraits

Meg, Brandon, and Scott, thank you for entrusting me to document your family. I cannot wait for many, many more years.Bridal Portraits Bridal Portraits Bridal PortraitsBridal Portraits

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More Fall Vibes and Thoughts on Control | Style Blog + Love Notes: New Orleans Fashion Photographer

“I’ve learned it’s easy to be all-in with the things you can dictate and control. It’s when you have very little control and no idea where life will take you that going all-in is so terrifying. But what if it’s in those spaces of no control that a brave life actually begins?”

Excerpt from If You Find This Letter by Hannah Brencher

This is a little less of a style blog post and a little more of “I needed my fabulous photographer friend, Melissa Friloux, to snap new website photos of me;” but nonetheless, I thought I’d share them along with the aforementioned pretty little quote from my current literary love affair.Style Blog Style BlogStyle Blog

Oversized Cable Knit Sweater // Faux Leather Knee-slit Leggings // Booties  (similar) // Makeup: Ashley Sievert // Hair: Bleu Blowdry BarStyle BlogStyle Blog

Stay tuned, TONS of pretty Fall sessions coming soon! Happy Tuesday, friends!


Blake | Baby Blues & Sweet Innocence: Hammond Children’s Photographer

“When I was younger, I’d put my arms in my shirt and tell people that I’d lost my arms.  I would restart the video game whenever I knew I was going to lose.  I would sleep with all of the stuffed animals so that none of them would get offended. I had that one pen with 6 colors, and tried to push all the buttons at once.  I poured my soda into the cap and acted like I was taking shots.  I would wait behind a door to scare someone, but soon leave because they were taking too long or I had to pee.  I would fake being asleep so that my dad would carry me to bed.  I used to think that the moon followed my car. I would watch those two drops of rain roll down the window and pretend it was a race.  I used to swallow fruit seeds and get scared to death that a tree was going to grow in my tummy.  Remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to grow up?  What were we thinking?”    – Unknown

There’s a point in life, or several, rather, where the, “Oh, shit. I’m an adult” moment hits. Hard. Where you realize that the days of worrying about nothing but being home by the time the street lights came on or if the crust was perfectly cut off of your sandwich are long, long behind.

But my littles, oh, when I photograph my littles in all of their sweet, innocent splendor, it fills my heart to see the beautiful, blank slate of unadulterated life they have in front of them.  This is Blake. I’m pretty sure his sweet little voice and seemingly never-ending happiness could make even a British Royal Guard crack a smile.

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So, play in the mud and let puppies kiss you on the face. Laugh until it hurts and build the best forts on the living room floor…2015-10-08_00092015-10-08_00082015-10-08_0005

Love your momma like she holds the Universe in her palms, play with toy dinosaurs until you can’t keep your eyes open, and eat all of the macaroni and cheese your tummy can stand. Because this, this is childhood.
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Happy Thursday, friends!