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2015 Favorites | A Year in Review

Unveiled radiance, feminine beauty, motherhood, milestones…

As I sit and gather my favorite images from this past year, my heart is abundantly full as I realize the intricate stories each photo tells. Sometimes in our ever-growing social media driven world, I think we truly sometimes lose touch with the authenticity of the raw, genuine struggles, stories, and adventures behind those we encounter, day in and day out.

Admittedly, as I begrudgingly sat down to blog this morning, I was less than enthused–with life, with my creative focus, with where business is headed. Anyone with a creative bone knows well that this is just the ebb and flow that comes with the job–and like anything in life, there are both highs and lows to speak of. However, as I was truly sulking and reflecting negatively on my progress and drive to be new and fresh this morning, I realized through the reflection of these images, that I’m right where I need to be. Connecting with real souls, learning their stories, and authentically documenting that as true and unique as any artist commissioned to create a piece for a buyer. I may not always make the money I hope to or get in every publication I desire, but I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to document some pretty genuine and stunning moments of life as they unfold in front of me.

It is ever-so-easy within the creative industry to feel lackluster–like your work will never stand out like those you follow and aspire to emulate. But H-E-L-L-O, that’s because as ARTISTS, gifted with a sense of creativity, it is our main job to NOT emulate those before us. This is important, so let me say it again: IT IS OUR MAIN JOB. WE ARE ARTISTS. If our talent were to simply emulate or recreate someone else’s vision, we could go work in a franchise.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why this soapbox? Did someone steal her ideas? Is she angry?” Not at all. This is simply a reminder to you as much as it is to myself, that art is inconsistent and messy and inherently beautiful–just like life. So embrace the messy as much as the victory as it all contributes to our own little unique vision and story.

And now, enjoy some of my most favorite stories that found themselves in front of my camera this past year…

Imagine Boutique
Courtney + TomCourtney + TomSpeed WeddingKaty Bordelon Maternity Waller FamilyKaylei Hackett Simmons FamilyAnika + StanleyKaylei HackettSBB Styled ShootRoberts Wedding

SBB Styled Shoot SBB Styled ShootRodriguez FamilySwain MaternityMartinez EngagementsWhitney + DJCorbeau Cothron2015-04-23_0016 2015-03-03_0011Martinez EngagementsKaylei Hackett2015-04-02_0012

Be authentic, my friends.
















Doe Eyes & The Love of a Mother | Bech Family: Baton Rouge Family Photographer

“There are two gifts we should give our children–one is roots and the other is wings.”

After 5 years in business, while there are many things that pull hard on my heartstrings, one of my utmost favorites is my families that entrust me to document the sweet growth and change in their lives, year after year. I presume this is a genuinely gratifying sentiment for most small business owners–and truly one of the most fruitful sentiments. I’ve watched these sweet boys grow for the past few years now, and each session leaves me baffled with how much their little personalities develop.

Bech Family Bech FamilyBech Family Bech Family

Taylor’s boys are always so playful and well-behaved. From Gantt’s big, brown doe eyes, to Blain’s big love for his momma, I can see why she carries that big, vibrant smile on her face.Bech FamilyBech Family

Taylor and Blain, thank you for entrusting me with documenting the growth of your beautiful family, year after year.Bech FamilyBech FamilyBech Family






Cathedral Veil & Classic Elegance – St. Joseph Abbey Wedding | Kristina + Stephen

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”   – COCO CHANEL

I sometimes feel like a broken record when I talk about how much I love a classic, timeless bride, but truly, aren’t the things that never go out of style the best? I’ve mentioned times before about having brides with timeless taste, but without a doubt, I can say that Kristina gracefully executed every aspect of timeless on her wedding day. From her choice in dress, veil, and hair, to her flowers and overall demeanor, I fell in love with every part of the aura surrounding Kristina on her wedding day–it’s no surprise to me that Stephen is head over heels for this girl.

Kaylei Hackett Kaylei HackettKaylei Hackett

When I tell you that Kristina’s demeanor is nothing less than purely graceful, not one bit of that is an exaggeration. The grace in these photos is sooooo real, my darlings.Kaylei Hackett Kaylei Hackett Kaylei Hackett Kaylei HackettKaylei HackettKaylei Hackett Kaylei Hackett Kaylei Hackett

Stephen and Kristina are both classic vocalists and immensely talented. It was quite apparent during Stephen’s performances during several parts of their reception. I LOVE when I get to see the beautiful talents of my brides and grooms.Kaylei Hackett Kaylei Hackett Kaylei Hackett Kaylei Hackett Kaylei Hackett Kristina + Stephen Kristina + StephenKristina + Stephen Kristina + Stephen Kristina + StephenKristina + Stephen Kristina + Stephen Kristina + Stephen Kristina + Stephen Kristina + Stephen

Stephen and Kristina, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for entrusting me with documenting your day. I wish you nothing less than a lifetime full of love, laughs, and happiness.Kristina + Stephen Kristina + Stephen Kristina + Stephen Kristina + Stephen Kristina + StephenKristina + Stephen Kristina + Stephen Kristina + Stephen







Delicate & Romantic | The Beard Family: Hammond Family Photography

“Hearts are wild creatures–that’s why our ribs are cages.”

Traveling constantly, trying new restaurants, home renovations; all together. That’s what life’s about, isn’t it? From clients to the absolute best of friends a girl could ask for, I’ve had the utmost pleasure of watching their love and marriage grow for the past few years. Connie and Mike have hearts for adventure, opportunity, and giving with an astonishingly beautiful fervor for the life that lies at their fingertips. She’s spunky and adventurous, he’s cool, calm, and collected–together they adventure this little life like there’s no tomorrow. Beard FamilyBeard FamilyBeard FamilyBeard FamilyBeard FamilyBeard FamilyBeard Family

Isn’t my girl just STUUUUNNING? Like that glowing skin? That’s because she’s one of the best estheticians I know. She gives me the spa treatment monthly…THE BEST.
Beard FamilyBeard FamilyBeard FamilyBeard FamilyBeard Family Beard FamilyConnie and Mike, I adore you two and the glow you share. I cannot wait to capture and observe so many more years of your life together.Beard Family Beard Family