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March 11, 2014

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It’s always particularly special to me when I have the opportunity to document a monumental life event of someone whom I’ve personally known for some significant portion of life. To observe them a little more intimately, through my lens, and see the true emotion that exists within them during this season in life. This is one of the many reasons I was overjoyed when Caitlyn asked me to document her wedding and this season in life for her and BJ.

You see, I’ve known Caitlyn with all of her sweet personality and smile that could light up a room since pre-school. In fact, there’s a photo of us from pre-school with some other fine ladies that I grew up with that I tried to dig up for this post, but I couldn’t locate it. Caitlyn’s smile alone is so full of joy, it’s no wonder BJ wants to spend the rest of his life with her. I’ve also known BJ for quite some time. He too has a welcoming smile and persona that leaves you feeling right at home.

Caitlyn and BJ both attended Southeastern, so photographs among the quaint streets of our little college town were nothing short of appropriate.

Roux-5IMG_1676The above photo, to me, personifies the welcomed warmth BJ exudes, especially towards Caitlyn. And her smile below is that genuine Caitlyn smile I was speaking of. Roux-6IMG_1718Roux-7IMG_1609IMG_1594And just so we’re clear, he definitely brought her home these flowers the day of our session, so she found it only appropriate to bring them along. I’m so glad she did. Ah, little sweet gestures…Roux-2IMG_1507Roux-3IMG_1495

I happen to love little detail shots to tie outfits, colors, and surroundings together. I particularly love the ones I snapped in this session, because I feel that they really show the personality of our adorable little college town. It’s nothing extravagant in Hammond, Louisiana to most, but when I walk the streets, I feel so much appreciation for the personality in all of the little nooks and crannies.Roux-4IMG_1378Roux-1 IMG_1397

Caitlyn and BJ, I adore the relationship you share just as much as I adore the two of you. I could not feel more honored and delighted to document this part of life for you. Here’s to January, and the many years to follow.









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