Mia {Senior 2014}

March 13, 2014

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I know I say it so much that it probably sounds like nothing more than a broken record at this point, but I truly, truly enjoy every minute of the experience of photographing my high school seniors. You see, I’ve finally reached the point where I’m not inundated with more sessions than I can handle or stressed editing a session that doesn’t match my style and feel of photography; but instead, I’m at a point where nearly every single person who has booked with me in the past year shares a desire for a style and vision similar to my own. They approach me with trust–and more importantly, with a vision that we execute together, as a team. And this, my friends, means SO much more to me than being overly booked and overly busy.

This, for me, means…more attention to each individual.

This, for me, means…more quality, less quantity.

This, for me, means…actually getting to experience what makes a senior, a family, a couple, who they are.

This, for me, means…creating a personal experience with each client, rather than a checklist of tasks.

This, for me, means…time to breathe–for living, experiencing, and documenting life; NOT being so busy that I miss the beautiful parts of life my clients, friends, and experiences have to show me.

This, for me, means…the reason I started my business in the first place.

I’ll let you in on a  little secret. I’ve actually been suuuuper discouraged about some business goals lately. I was just sort of feeling like no matter how far I have come, I still have SO far to go. This is something I tend to do in all areas of my life. Looking at how far others have come, both personally and professionally, and digging out the ugly comparison monster. Sound familiar? I know it does. (:

I’m far from where I dream to be, and in fact, still have so so very many steps left to get there; but after taking a breather and stepping back to realize the gift it is to so pleasantly experience beautiful, radiant seniors like Miss Mia here, I’ve realized that I am right where I want to be–ever learning, ever changing, and most importantly, ever growing.

So, without further sappy ado from Queen Emotion here, please enjoy sweet Mia. This girl is genuine y’all. A heart of gold…and yet another wardrobe that I’d just like to duplicate for myself. ESPECIALLY that Abercrombie scarf and those Steve Madden boots below. (:Mia-2IMG_2250Mia-3IMG_2279

Mia’s persona was calm and inviting. She exuded a warmth that said so much about her character, without saying anything at all. Mia, her mom, and I had an absolutely pleasurable time full of giggles and great conversation during her session.IMG_2346Mia-1IMG_2359


Mia, you were a graceful and welcomed pleasure to photograph. Keep that warmth and big heart always. I know such great things lie ahead for you!







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