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The Early Bird Gets the Worm

The early bird gets the worm, tis true…or in this case, the BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR. That’s right. Because Spring gets so crazy in these parts, I’m offering a special for those booking sessions in February, before the inundation of the masses (or I become all booked up and you can’t secure your spot). February tends to be a little slower, as everyone often rushes to book senior photos and Spring photos in a semi-rushed fashion in March and April. And if you’re worried about the cold, don’t be! Firstly, because I’ve had seniors and families braving it throughout December and January like the most beautiful little troopers. Secondly, because March and April are already booking up rather quickly. Thirdly, because it’s Louisiana. (: Or Alabama, or Florida–I don’t discriminate! In fact, I’ll likely be along the Gulf Coast of Alabama and/or West Florida in mid-February, so if you’re in South Alabama all the way to Pensacola, you’re included in this too.

So, how’s it work? You just book your session for February, that’s it! No worries about their not being spring blooms or warmer weather–it doesn’t effect the outcome of the photographs in the least bit. In fact, I’ve had some of my most favorite, most beautiful featured sessions take place on rather frigid days.

So, here it is people…

February Promo

I hope to hear from you, before the masses. And now, I’ll go weather this supposed Southern winter storm. Crossing my fingers that the power doesn’t go out, so that I can share with you more of Christine and Taylor’s breathtakingly classy day. Because every blog post is better with a picture, here’s a peek…


OH, AND IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN WEDDING SPECIALS, email me at kali(at)kalinorton.com for a specific wedding special that is also going on through Valentine’s Day. Happy Tuesday, my friends!


Allie + Dalton

Mylanta, where do I even start? Allie was one of my best friends in high school. In fact, we were pretty much inseparable for a while. We drove to school together every day, lived only a few streets apart, and were pretty much together all hours that we weren’t obsessing over school activities and insanely high GPAs. The insanely high GPAs makes me chuckle a little now. While that was undoubtedly so very important and I FULLY support striving for the highest academic achievements, our unwavering need for nothing less than a 107 percent was a little insane. I think, perhaps, I could have stressed a little less and enjoyed my youth a little more. Nonetheless, I can’t say I’ve changed much–presumably, it’s come in handy running a business.

Anyhow, as I went to college, Allie was a couple of years younger than me and, naturally, we drifted a bit. It was fine, though as we both have personalities that seem to fully embrace the change and seasons of friendships, which I love. I’ve always found that the best friends are the ones who understand these seasons, and nonetheless, can pick up right where we left off.

I hadn’t seen Allie in quite some time before her engagement session, but you would have sworn we’d kept in touch weekly by the banter that ensued during. And, of course, I should have known that Allie would end up with a gentleman who fits right in, interjecting his own entertaining comments as if he’s known a person for years. This is exactly how my Allie is. She’s got a heart of gold, an adventurous spirit, and a drive for the utmost success. She’s full of talent and her wit never misses a beat. After spending time with Dalton, I learned of his perfection for her, on all counts.

IMG_8730IMG_8736IMG_8744Choiniere-2IMG_8746Choiniere-1IMG_8794 IMG_8787

Being around Allie had me laughing harder than I’ve laughed in a long time. I forgot how absolutely entertaining she is. This girl could light up a room with her wit and ability to make people laugh.Choiniere-5 IMG_8879Choiniere-4

This is pretty much how most of the session went, belly-aching, face-palming laughter. And then, OH THEN, there was Copper. Copper is the adorable little guy below, Allie and Dalton’s 5-month-old “baby.” He’s SO smart too. He performed all of his little pup tricks for me and sat ever-so-perfectly for photos.IMG_8851Choiniere-3

This next one was my favorite photograph from the session. Cozy, warm, AND cable knit cream…right up my alley…IMG_8939 IMG_8911 IMG_8926 Choiniere-6

We ended their session on the water at sunset just opening some beers and hanging out by the water–how I recommend ALL engagement sessions should be. We just relaxed, talked, and got some photos in that truly represent Dalton and Allie. Plus, they brought Shiner’s Holiday Brew, Holiday Cheer, which I came across this year at Christmas time and is an absolute favorite of mine now. (:Choiniere-7 IMG_9066IMG_8995

Allie and Dalton, I’m so elated for your future together, on so many levels. I could not have picked a better match and I truly adore every aspect of you two and the start of what will be a life of beautiful adventure and, undoubtedly, never-ending laughter together. Moreover, I’m ever so grateful to have the honor of documenting these first moments of your life together. I love you both.










Renee {Senior 2014}

Between the cozy boho chic, the creams and bold colors, and Renee’s insanely fabulous ability to work the camera, I pretty much almost fell out, right onto the floor with overwhelming excitement over everything about her. She’s adorably sweet, a pro at makeup application, and I’m pretty sure I’d be fine hanging out with her for hours, any day. Much like all of my seniors so far this year, spending time with Renee and working on her session simply left me speechless. Between the beauty, grace, and potential these girls have at their fingertips, I have such high hopes for what the future holds for them. I always try my hardest to keep up with my seniors after graduation, even if only through social media, and see where the limitless potential they have takes them…


This portion of Renee’s session, in particular, was inspired by my love for creamy cable knits, as well as my obsession with American Horror Story. If you are also an AHS fan, just imagine Lily Rabe’s character, Misty, dancing to Stevie Nicks here. (;IMG_8624IMG_8648Renee-5IMG_8672Renee-6

Renee conveyed so much natural emotion in her photographs. I’m pretty much in love with her, her baby doll face, and those pretty smiles.IMG_8460 IMG_8483Renee-1 IMG_8500

And in case you live under a rock and didn’t think it already, can we say Megan Fox? Seriously. And I know I’m not crazy, because the first three of my friends to view her photos commented the exact same thing. This girl…IMG_8586 IMG_8578Renee-4IMG_8568 IMG_8613Renee-3IMG_8525 Renee-2 Renee, I had the most fun spending time with you and learning about the things that you love. I cannot wait to see where the future brings you–I have the highest of hopes for you, sweet girl.











New Orleans Riverside Wedding – Casey + Brett

Much like the city in general, New Orleans weddings exude rich tradition and culture like no other weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending or photographing. I feel almost as though a large majority of the culture of the city comes together, balled into this one night. For those growing up in South Louisiana, it’s an intense feeling of comfort and of home as they begin their lives together under the celebration of such deep rooted traditions. Coming from beautifully large and close extended families, Casey and Brett chose to embrace all things rich in this culture on their day. All of the love, tradition, and comfort of the South…

They got ready at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, overlooking the boats and other happenings along the Mississippi River. I loved that both Casey and Brett were getting ready at the hotel, as it allowed us plenty of time to capture the details and emotion leading up for both of them.


As the emotion and tradition were both free-flowing, I felt it appropriate to use lots of black and white to convey the sentiments as I saw them.Bachemin-3Bachemin-1Bachemin-4IMG_1341

As if the classic details weren’t enough, the emotion that filled the day between family, friends, and all who love Casey and Brett left me in awe…

We don’t always get a chance to document the men getting ready, but I  must say, it was quite entertaining watching these guys figure out the meticulous placing of their suspenders. Although, they seemed to have the bow tie part down, like the backs of their hands.IMG_7471IMG_7482Bachemin-5Bachemin-7IMG_1447

Casey has a twin sister, Jessica, as well as a younger brother, Nick. We couldn’t help but have a little fun with Nick.Bachemin-10 Bachemin-11

Their  ceremony was held at St. Francis of Assisi in New Orleans–and oh my word. Casey and Brett’s ceremony was truly one of the most beautifully spoken ceremonies I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. And well, the actual beauty within the architecture of the church simply speaks for itself. I also happen to love this little shot I snagged of the ring bearer giving high fives. (:Bachemin-12Bachemin-16 Bachemin-13 Bachemin-14

And well, I can’t say I don’t love the beauty in a crying bride, so very overwhelmed with the emotion of the day…IMG_1672IMG_7744Bachemin-15IMG_7761IMG_1709IMG_1714IMG_7830 IMG_1707 IMG_1745

After the ceremony, we headed back to the Hilton to board the Creole Queen Steamboat and cruise The Mississippi. It was fabulous, and undoubtedly, the whole bunch knew nothing less than how to have the best time.
Bachemin-17 IMG_1841 IMG_1965Bachemin-19 Casey and Brett, we truly felt like family surrounded by everyone who loves you so much. Thank you, truly, for allowing us to document your day.



























Chewie Turns ONE!

If you’ve known me for any length of time longer than a year, you know that I was not very keen on animals. However, if you’ve somehow only known me in the past year, you’d wonder how that statement was ever true given my obnoxious Chewie posts (sorry). You see, Preston has wanted a dog since we first got married. Meanwhile, I put it off for YEARS saying not until he was done deploying or leaving constantly, because I surely wasn’t taking care of a dog on my own when I didn’t even like them. I know what you’re thinking, and NO…I DON’T THINK I HAD A HEART.

After Preston got home from Africa last November, we decided we were ready and started our search. We discussed and searched for the perfect pup for a few months and in January of last year, we picked out Chewie from his litter. Since then, I’ve learned the insanely beautiful and unconditional love of a dog.

As I work from home, Chewie and I spend almost all hours of every day together. He’s taught me so much about unconditional love, about taking breaks during a busy work day to play hide and seek, and about how important HIS cuddle time is every night.

Well, my Little Wookie turned ONE on Saturday, and as my need for dressing him up in embarrassing attire goes, we had to snap some photos in his birthday hat. (:


Then, he decided to strike some different model poses for the camera. On the left, the “Abercrombie, Confident and Careless” look, and on the right, the “I’m So Pitiful.”Chewie-1 Anyhow, as you can see, I’m ridiculously obsessed with my dog and I cannot imagine life without him. And as per the many conversations I’ve had with him about never ever leaving me, I’m hoping to buy a magic potion one day that allows dogs to live forever. In the meantime, Happy First Birthday to my little Chews and Happy Tuesday to you!